How To Get Avocados To Ripen Faster

Take one look, and you'll notice that avocados are everywhere. This trendy food makes appearances on toast, perfectly scrambled eggs and even in summertime salsas. But one question that seems to haunt avocado-lovers everywhere is how to ripen the fruit.

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The trick to ripening this iconic breakfast food is by knowing how close the avocado is to being fully grown when you pick it up at the store.

If you want to eat your avocado right away, you should purchase one from the store that yields to pressure, a sign your avocado is in the end ripening stages. But, if that's not available to you, don't postpone your backyard cookout or weekend picnic plans just yet. There are still some tricks and tips to follow to ripen your avocado faster.

First, try placing your fruit into a paper bag with an apple. The apple will give off a natural plant hormone that accelerates the ripening process. And just like it's a myth that avocados are a vegetable, ripening your avocado by heating in the microwave is a myth as well, according to California Avocados. This process will soften the fruit but not ripen it.

Now that you know the correct way to quickly ripenĀ an avocado, be sure to try avocados in not only your next savory dish but also a dessertĀ like a fruit parfait, one of the most iconic desserts in America.