Host a King’s Hallowaiian Party

You’ll love these fun (and spooky) Halloween party foods made with a little help from King’s Hawaiian
How To Make a 'Vampwich'

Watch Katie Workman make an adorable 'vampwich' courtesy of King's Hawaiian.

This is just one of the adorable ways you can make your Halloween party a Hallowaiian party!

Halloween lends itself perfectly to parties. Everyone is already in the spirit for dressing up, the decorations are spooktacularly fun, and the whole family can get involved in the celebration. So pull up a pineapple and knock the cobwebs out of your brain. It’s time you planned a Hallowaiian party!

No self-respecting hostess would throw a Halloween party without a jaunty jack o’lantern. Thrill them with a Pineapple Jack O’Lantern, a surprise salute to Samhain that will have your guests buzzing about your creativity! Bonus: You can use the fruit for your party preparations.

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Halloween Sandwich

Take! it to the tiki level and theme your party accordingly. Place plastic and wooden tiki totems throughout your party room and decorate them for the holiday, with cobwebs, glow-in-the-dark accessories, and, of course, key lighting. Think blacklights and painted neon features. Maybe some masks in front of battery-operated tea lights. And bowls of dry ice moistened to create an eery mist. Your freaky tiki haunted Halloween party will be the talk of the neighborhood.

“Off With Your Hand” Halloween Punch from Boulder Locavore or Bloody Guts Blackberry Halloween Punch from Pia Christo for the maximum effect. Dare you drink from this punch bowl? One sip and your soul may be lost forever…

To set the scene properly, you need the perfect party fare. Break out the Werewolf Sliders and be greeted with howls of pleasure. No full moon necessary for this tasty transformation!


Here are some more recipes to wow (and scare!) your Hallowaiian guests: