Grown Up Recipes for Your Favorite Childhood Foods (Slideshow)

Some of your favorite foods from childhood have gotten a sophisticated makeover

Hot Dogs


Is there anything you can’t put on top of a hot dog? Our grown-up favorites include pickled veggies with cilantro and chili pepper sauce, mango chutney, or sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing. Click here for more creative hot dog recipes.



Long gone are the days of the one-dimensional syrup-drenched pancake. Savory pancakes are in; think onion, ham and cheese, and pea and pesto. Click here for a savory pancake recipe.



Beer, sangria, and cocktails all make great adult slushies. The alcohol prevents the drink from freezing fully, so any alcoholic beverage can easily be turned into refreshing summertime slush. Click here for a wine slushie recipe.

Peanut Butter and Jelly


It’s totally acceptable for an adult to pack peanut butter and jelly for lunch when it includes chunky, homemade fruit compote, a slice of salty cheese, and some fresh, peppery greens like arugula. Click here for a grown up peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe.

Grilled Cheese


Thick-cut, artisinally-crafted bread, multiple cheeses melted to gooey perfection, and crunchy additions like prosciutto and green apple; what’s not to love? Click here for a sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich recipe.



You’re never too old for pizza, especially when it’s topped with roasted red grapes and candied pecans, or fresh basil pesto and grilled shrimp. Click here for more pizza recipes.

Macaroni and Cheese


With grown-up add-ins like nutty Gruyère cheese, creamy butternut squash, and lots of fresh herbs, it’s hard to say no to the grown-up version of macaroni and cheese.Click here for a macaroni and blue cheese recipe.



Just when you thought milkshakes couldn’t be improved upon, enter Guinness, bourbon, and Bailey’s. Click here for an adults-only Bailey's milkshake recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches


Whether it’s smoked sea salt or flavorful curry you crave, there’s a grown-up chocolate chip cookie out there for you. Chocolate can stand up to bold flavors like chili peppers and wasabi; try adding a pinch next time you bake cookies. Click here for an amaretto chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich recipe.