Game-Day Entertaining Tips from Celebrity Chefs

Read on for great game-day advice from celebrity chefs Marc Murphy, Maria Loi, and Michele Mazza
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This is how you celebrate the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and we have the perfect tips and tricks to make your party go off without a hitch. We reached out to celebrity chefs Marc Murphy of Landmarc, Maria Loi of Loi Esitiatorio, and Michele Mazza of Trattoria Il Mulino.

Read on to find out what game-day entertaining tips they swear by, what you should serve if you’re a last minute planner, and last but not least, what teams they wish were in this year’s Super Bowl.

The Daily Meal: What are a few game-day entertaining tips you swear by?

Maria Loi: Keep it simple, serving things that are easy to eat in one-two bites without much mess. Always be ready for a bigger crowd — people like to bring their friends if they know the food is going to be good! And, be ready with extra ice and paper towels… people always drink more than anticipated, and spills happen, especially when people get excited.

Marc Murphy: Pick appetizers that are easy to prepare or that you can make ahead of time. This way, game day is all about the main event.

Michele Mazza: Plenty of appealing non-alcohol beverage choices, in addition to a great selection of beer.

What are some great last-minute dishes to serve for the Super Bowl?

Loi: If someone is pressed for time, the easiest and tastiest things to serve is pita with dips! Besides tzatziki, I love melitzanosalata – roasted eggplant salad and my five-ingredient hummus – it’s so quick to make, good for you, and delicious!

Murphy: Mixed olives, spiced nuts, or Moroccan-spiced chickpeas. If you’re in the mood for seafood, shrimp cocktail is a crowd-pleaser and you can make your own sauces to go with it in a pinch.

Mazza: Room temperature friendly dishes — seafood salad, nice display of charcuterie meats and cheeses, healthy grain salads.

If you could see any team in this year’s Super Bowl who would it be?

Loi: As a New York transplant, I am honor-bound to support the New York Giants! However, even if I wasn’t, I would support them all the way, after all they’re team colors are blue and white, and ‘giant’ is a Greek word! (Gigantes….)

Murphy: Any team my son picks, he’s the biggest sports fan I know.


Mazza: NY, of course.