Feed Your Family with $20 a Week Slideshow


Buy 3-Pounds Chicken Legs/Thighs (Approx. Cost: $3)

Follow your grocery store's sales flyer to purchase 3 pounds (or more!) of inexpensive meat like chicken legs and chicken thighs. Ground beef or pork may also be on sale and worth buying. Use this meat throughout the week for dinners, chop up leftovers for chicken salad lunches, or toss in omelettes for breakfast.

Need more ideas for your chicken? Check out our slideshow on 8 Ways to Grill Chicken Thighs.

Buy a 2-Pound Bag of Rice (Approx. Cost: $1.49)

A bag of rice is so cheap and so versatile! Try serving it with a bit of margarine and roasted chicken thighs. Whip up a simple peanut sauce and make a homemade satay chicken recipe served over fluffy white rice. Or make my favorite go-to fast and cheap dinner… fried rice!

Looking for a few fun ways to cook up fried rice? Check out our recipes at 6 Fun Twists on Fried Rice.

Buy 2 Pounds of Pasta (Approx. Cost: $1.50)

Go Italiano and feel like a food diva, even when you're eating on a budget. There are so many easy, affordable ways to make pasta. Top it with store-bought spaghetti sauce, keep it simple, and add a bit of melted margarine and salt and pepper to your noodles, or make an easy cream sauce with milk, margarine, and a little flour.

Or check out any one of these 20 Easy Pasta Recipes.

Buy 2 Cans of Spaghetti Sauce (Approx. Cost: $1.49)

Store-bought spaghetti sauce is inexpensive and surprisingly delicious. While you're eating on a budget, it's a great thing to have in that pantry for those busy weeknights when you need to pull together a quick dinner. Toss it over rice for a simple paella-style meal, or serve it on top of eggs for a pizza-inspired breakfast. Of course, if you're looking for dinner you can always do spaghetti.

Need a twist on the traditional? Try one of these 10 New Ways to Eat Spaghetti.

Buy a Loaf of Bread (Approx. Cost: $1.25)

So, being on a budget means you'll be eating the cheap bread… but it doesn't mean you won't be eating deliciously! Toast it and serve it with a beautifully poached egg, make peanut-butter stuffed French toast with it, or serve it topped with chicken and gravy for a classic comfort-food dinner.

Then, expand your toast horizons with 10 Ways to Eat Toast for dinner or try our recipe for Speedy Taco Toast. The toastabilities are endless!

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