Do Pinto Beans Expire?

Beans are the basis for many quick and easy dinners you can make out of cans. But as much as we wish we can make food last longer, pantry staples have a shelf life and will go bad at some point. If you have a can of pinto beans in the back of your pantry, you may be wondering: Do pinto beans expire? The answer is yes, and though pinto beans are one of the more popular beans, how long canned and dried beans last doesn't depend on type.

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Once opened, canned beans should be refrigerated and stored in a glass or plastic container for three to four days. Unopened cans can last three years past their pack date. 

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, for freshness and quality, any dried bean should be eaten within one year of opening if stored in the pantry. The same goes for dried lentils. 

For their part, cooked refried beans should be eaten within two to three days if refrigerated after opening in order to ensure quality and freshness. 

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