D.I.Y. Grills And Smokers Slideshow

Flower Pot Grill

This is a fun and inventive way to grill up some kebabs. A 10-inch terracotta flower pot is a great insulator while kebab skewers eliminate the need to find a metal grating. Just be careful when moving the pot, or your kebabs won't be the only thing cooking.

Altoids Miniature Barbeque

You probably won't be using one of these babies to throw a big party, but they do come in handy if you get the munchies and want some s'mores. All you'll need is a round Altoids container, one charcoal briquette, a couple of metal computer fan guards, and some screws.

From an Old Fridge to a Meat Smoker

While this is one of the more challenging projects, the results look like they're well worth it. You can pick up an old refrigerator at a scrap yard on the cheap, or you can finally find a use for that old one that's been sitting in your garage, empty. Either way, you'll need to find a way to wedge a hot plate or part of an electric stove into the bottom, and drill a vent at the top. A thermometer is a nice touch. Since it's a fridge, the insulation and the "smoking racks" should already be in there, and it even already has a door. Clever.

The Trash Can Smoker

This one doesn't involve any charcoal briquettes, but instead uses a hot plate and wood chips to create an indirect heat source — a true smoker. While the insulation might not be perfect, it looks like it will do the job. You'll want to do the cooking in advance with this however; it might be a hard sell convincing your neighbors to eat something out of a trash can, no matter how clean it is.

A D.I.Y. 55-Gallon Smoke Grill

The creator of this well-designed smoker put a lot of thought into his project, but it's definitely for the more experienced do-it-yourselfer. A T-shaped contraption made from two oil drum barrels welded together, with a hinged door, oven thermometer and a drip tray, it's definitely impressive. And you can use either wood or charcoal. This one is top of the line.

Cardboard Box Smoker

Although you wouldn't call this an elegant solution, it is definitely simple. All you'll need is said box, some wood chips, a few wooden rods, a skillet, a metal grating, and a couple of digital thermometers. Just be careful. Cardboard is flammable, after all.