Dishes You'll Only Find In The South

Is there any region in the United States that is more distinctive than the South? We don't think so. Things are just a little different down there, from the way people conduct themselves to the slang to the way that people eat. Yes, while there are plenty of dishes that you'll only find in the Midwest or the Northeast, there are many, many more signature foods and beverages in the South.

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There are some Southern dishes everyone knows. You don't have to go below the Mason-Dixon to find fried chicken or some insanely good barbecue. But you will have to venture a little while to find some more obscure Southern foods. Have you ever seen boiled peanuts, Kool-Aid-brined pickles, or fried chicken so hot it'll make you sweat all night in the northern United States? We don't think so.

And of course, there are some dishes that you technically can find outside of the South, but they're just not the same. Sure, you can get shrimp and grits and mint juleps at any halfway decent brunch spot, but they'll definitely be missing some particular Southern charm. So sip on some Cheerwine and get ready to make these dishes you can really only find in the South.