The Definitive Guide To Cooking In A Tiny Apartment Kitchen

We all complain about not having enough space to cook in our kitchens, but the fact is that most professional kitchens aren't the glossy, palatial kitchens we imagine. This is especially true in cities like New York, where real estate is at a premium — professional (and personal) kitchens are tiny. If these kitchens can push out food for hundreds of patrons each night, then my fellow tiny apartment kitchen folks, we can, too.

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Making your tiny kitchen usable all depends on storage and editing what you keep in the drawers and cabinets. Counter space is a premium, so only keep the appliances you absolutely use every day on top. Everything else can be stored in cabinets.

Then, there are the things you can purchase that will add storage without taking up too much space. For instance, rolling carts offer storage space below, and counter space on top. Plus, you can move them around so they are never "in the way."

Finally, think vertically. Use your walls and ceilings to maximize room. Add open shelving for quick access to bowls, plates, and cups. Hang pans from the ceiling, and skip the space-stealing knife drawer by mounting a magnetic strip on the wall for your knives instead.

With only a few items, and a little creativity, you will find that cooking even in small spaces can be enjoyable and organized. There is always one benefit to small kitchens — everything is literally within arm's reach.

Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.