The Daily Meal Editors' New Year's Resolutions Slideshow


Eat less meat and more whole grains. *gasp*

WILL BUDIAMAN, Recipes Editor


Eat less meat and more whole grains. *gasp*

TYLER SULLIVAN, Assistant Editor

Jane Bruce
  1. Learn more of my Nonnie’s recipes (Italian family recipes).
  2. Learn how to crack a lobster.
  3. Learn how to like Scotch. 

COLMAN ANDREWS, Editorial Director

  1. Grill something at least five nights a week in decent weather.
  2. Learn how to make croquettes that actually hold together.
  3. Figure out how to use that damn Cuisinart thing to the best of its abilities.
  4. Cut and burn myself as little as possible in the kitchen (or anywhere else, for that matter).

ARTHUR BOVINO, Executive Editor

  1. Knock off all the remaining to-do New York City sushi places from my list.
  2. Hit New York's new brisket circuit.
  3. Finish the New Jersey classic checklist: Papa's Tomato Pies, White Manna/White Mana.
  4. Check off the remaining Connecticut hot dog places I haven't hit.
  5. Make it down to D.C. to do burger and José Andrés crawls.
  6. Finally do the Bronx street food crawl I've been meaning to for two years.
  7. Outfit our rig and smoker and get enough wood to perfect my own brisket recipe. 
  8. Plant the garden early enough for maximum yield and document it. 
  9. Somehow do all this while losing 20 pounds at the same time. 

DAN MYERS, Eat/Dine Editor

  1. Cook dinner more often.
  2. And when I do cook, I want to try some out-of-the box recipes and ingredients I haven't prepared before.
  3. Cook a lot more seafood, because striped bass is a lot tastier than chicken breast.
  4. Use my 3 ½ quart Le Creuset Dutch oven that I just got over the holidays as much as possible. 

JESSICA CHOU, Associate Editor


1. Find other ways to use basil apart from pasta, mozzarella and tomato salads, and pesto.

2. Buy and cook whole fish, instead of just buying fillets.

3. Eat more apples.

4. Make something out of Thomas Keller's French Laundry cookbook.

5. Come to think of it, make at least one thing from every cookbook in my growing collection. 


Step up my game in the kitchen. I'm lacking all sorts of confidence while cooking and I'd like to get to a point where I can 'master' a few key recipes, easy weeknight dinners, and a few go-to recipes when having friends over

DAVID BURKE, Special Contributor

  1. Use more Greek yogurt as a dessert substitute
  2. Do more juicing
  3. Add flax seed to my daily breakfast
  4. Eat smaller portions
  5. Avoid side dishes when eating out, unless they’re steamed
  6. Order an appetizer as a main more often
  7. Stay away from the bread basket


  1. Successfully make panzerotti on my own (without help from my Nonna).
  2. Cook a complete Dominican meal for my fiancé and his family.
  3. Host a bridesmaids brunch.
  4. Use my cookbook and Pinterest recipes more often! 

ALI ROSEN, Video Editor

  1. Stop ordering the same sushi combo from the same sushi restaurant just because it’s convenient.
  2. Bake more, because why not?
  3. Drink more, because again, why not?
  4. Write down more detailed logs of recipes that I make and who I served it to, so that I remember what works and don’t accidentally serve guests the same thing twice.

ANDREW COLBERT, Audience Development Manager

  1. Eat more fish.
  2. Substitute grains (quinoa and such) for potatoes.
  3. Cook something new (from a recipe) once a month.

NATHAN CYPHERT, Social Media Manager

  1. Host dinner parties at least twice a month.
  2. Learn to like my coffee without any sweetener (I only use a little bit now).
  3. Master homemade macarons.

ANNE DOLCE, Cook Editor

  1. Stop immediately thinking of pasta when I start to plan a meal.
  2. Cook more fish, other than shrimp.
  3. Cook more with grains (which could help with my pasta resolution as well).
  4. Get my daily dose of color.
  5. Stop wasting money on manicures — they’re completely pointless for anyone who spends as much time as I do in the kitchen. 

Click here to read how to get your daily dose of color.

JANE BRUCE, Photo Editor

  1. Perfect eggs over easy.
  2. Try the fish sandwich at Lake Trout.
  3. Go to Istanbul (and eat).


  1. Get more adventurous in the kitchen — try out new recipes, cuisines, and ingredients instead of sticking to the same old standbys.
  2. Cook for friends and family more instead of always going out to eat.
  3. Travel to at least one food destination on my bucket list —places like New Orleans and Vietnam (yes, that one's a little farther away…) are high on my list!

TIM MCGEEVER, Public Relations Manager

Eat more raw vegetables. Ever since becoming a vegetarian in 2012, I’ve leaned heavily on sweet, starchy foods, so I want to start incorporating more vegetables into my diet.