Come and Get It with the Culinary Content Network: 3/9/2013 Slideshow

Prevention RD — Blueberry Lemon Glazed Donuts

Prevention RD, authored by registered dietitian Nicole, was started as a way to stay "up to date" in nutrition, and to share that knowledge with her guests. Having overcome a weight-loss battle of her own, her work is passionate and relevant, and she loves her new double-life as the director of nutrition services at a small, local hospital, and as a home blogger, cook, and wife by night. In this post, she affirms the necessity of harmless addictions, aka the use of her donut pan, and gives us a mouthwatering recipe for blueberry lemon glazed donuts.

Fake Food Free — Avocado Pound Cake with Blood Orange Glaze Recipe

Fake Food Free (Real Food from Every Corner of the World), strives to be "sustainable, local (yet still global), beyond organic, and respectful in her food choices while embracing the cultures and foods from all around this beautiful world." She has degrees in nutritional and exercise sciences and a passion for travel, photography, culinary arts, culture, and health. Here, she struggles (and succeeds) to find the perfect consistency and nonstick elements of her adventurous avocado pound cake.

30A Eats — Charlie’s Donut Truck, Alys Beach: The "Hole" Truth

30A Eats (Take a Bite of the Good Life) loves food, "it’s just that simple." In her blog, Susan Benton goes beyond food's surface and aims to highlight the people behind its existence and to show where good food comes from and where you can get it. Here, she puts the spotlight on Charlie’s Donut Truck, "a favorite among young and old alike."

Cooking with Michele — Las Vegas Guide for Food Lovers

Cooking with Michele invites readers to travel along with her as she chronicles her food- and wine-filled journeys around the world. In this post, she talks Las Vegas, and hits on a couple necessities for the food-loving guest.

Bite and Booze — Laphroaig 15

Bite and Booze is on a quest to celebrate the food and beverage culture of Louisiana, and everywhere author Jay D. Ducote eats and drinks. Here, they get back into "Scotchy Scotch Scotch" with a 15-year Islay single malt, Laphroaig.

Taste Food — Broccoli Rabe and Sausage Pizza

Taste Food chronicles "a culinary journey beginning and ending at the kitchen table." With each new address in each new country, "unique traditions [are] reinforced with food," and regardless of your background, they culminate, as always, at the kitchen table. In this post, Taste Food provides a recipe for broccoli rabe and sausage pizza, a recipe that helps her win over her kids, and win the fight about getting them to eat vegetables.

Bite Sized — Fried Rice and Spice Giveaway

Bite Sized, a blog by Jonathan and Jessica Meter, has the goal of creating beautiful, single bites of food with unique flavors. With a combination of love for cooking and photography, they have developed Bite Sized to share their travels, experiences in New York, and "non-Bite Sized" recipes. In this post, Jonathan and Jessica share their recipes for late-night snacks, which almost always consist of fried rice.