Come and Get It with the Culinary Content Network: 2/23/2013 Slideshow

Makobi Scribe — How to Create the Perfect Home Bar

Makobi Scribe’s many voices are made up of moms and bloggers from different backgrounds. Owner Jennifer Medeiros writes about her weight loss journey, recipe creations, travel excursions, and more, not to mention tips and tricks learned from being a mom of three boys, from age 19 to age 2.  Her counterpart Kelly, also a mother of three, blogs about green tips and trends, as well as a weight loss journey of her own. In addition to these main voices, guest bloggers add to the site. In this post, Jennifer gives tips on how to create the perfect home bar, with an emphasis on the ice. 

Garnish with Lemon — Flatbread with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onions

Garnish with Lemon was created by two moms who bonded over "preschools, carpools, and a love of good food." Their desire to inspire families to eat well and enjoy the cooking and creating process led them to creating this blog, and sharing their recipes with you. Here, Anna teaches you how to make a delicious treat, topping flatbread with goat cheese, caramelized onions, basil, and more. 

Everyday Maven — Skinny Italian Wedding Soup with Kale

Everyday Maven grew up in a cooking family and cooks every day. However, like most of us, she doesn’t have all the time in the world, and sticks up a couple of rules to help make the day worth it: 1) It must be delicious. 2) Cannot take hours in planning or preparation. 3) Complexity level low. 4) Healthy and high-quality ingredients. 5) Weight Watchers and Points Plus friendly. 6) Must be done with family. Here, she shows us how to make a lighter wedding soup, adding kale and chicken meatballs to spruce it up. 

10th Kitchen — Kumquat and Poppy Seed Pancakes

10th Kitchen, by the nickname-less Danguole, has lived in Kaunas, Lithuania, and currently Nevada, and is still searching for the perfect fusion dish and drink. Sharing her thoughts and recipes in this blog, she recently gave us a recipe for kumquat and poppy seed pancakes, and "MAN" do they look delicious. 

Delicious Dishings — NYC Eats: Otto and Eataly

Delicious Dishings is obsessed with food, in every way possible. After she started her blog as an outlet for talking about food (her friends and family may have helped her in this idea), she now obsesses over sharing recipes, giving feedback on recipe testing, and more. She is happily settled in her dream job as a copy editor for America's Test Kitchen, editing Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country, and all of the special issues of both magazines, as well as marketing and Web content, and being able to blog and share all of her findings with you. In this post, Delicious Dishings shares feedback from her New York City trip, where she dined at Otto and Eataly. 

22nd & Philly — A Delicious Brunch at Green Eggs Café

22nd & Philly started as a way to keep track of a couple’s dining experiences in Philly, and has evolved into a blog with a mission to share the "simple man’s review" of different restaurants, bars, hidden gems, BYOBs, and festivals. In this post, the couple explores Green Eggs Café, also titled as their best brunch in 2012. 

The Family Feed — Salted Caramel Sauce for Cake Filling, Pastry Drizzle, and Licking from Your Fingers

The Family Feed is all about what you put in your body: "you put good things in and good things happen." The Family Feed aims to share their cooking and baking talents, along with writing, photos, recipes, and more, for their kids and others. In this post, they share a recipe for salted caramel sauce.

Once Upon a Small Boston Kitchen — Warm Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

Once Upon a Small Boston Kitchen (Great Food from a Wicked Small Kitchen), is run by "private chef, caterer, food writer, and co-owner of The Skinny Beet." She is a self-proclaimed food geek and aims to share everything in her food world with you. Here, she whips up some warm bacon cheeseburger dip… and I think she has us all intrigued. 

Buffy and George — Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Buffy and George (Trying not to step on dogs in the kitchen), named after her beloved and always-in-the-way dogs, started as a blog about the musings of life that quickly morphed into a food blog. Now she follows two basic principles, "rule-breaking and a bit of laziness," and uses local, good-quality ingredients to create recipes to share with you. In this post, she gives devils on horseback a switch-up, making bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. 

Stir and Strain — Being Seasonal / Mayer Lemon Rosemary Sparkler

Stir and Strain blogs about cocktails, "recipes, growing stuff, making stuff and drinking stuff." One mission was to integrate seasonally appropriate ingredients into all cocktails, something which she admittedly, she sometimes forgets to do. In this post, she tries to refocus that goal, giving citrus a run for its money.