Chef-Inspired Products to Solve 5 Common Kitchen Dilemmas

Problem in the kitchen? There’s a solution
Chef-Inspired Products to Solve 5 Common Kitchen Dilemmas

Who better to design kitchen products than chefs? 

Even if you love to cook, there are times when the thought of making food from scratch is totally overwhelming. Solve five common kitchen dilemmas (and get cooking again) with these amazing chef-inspired products.

Problem: Heavy-duty pans are, well, too heavy.
Solution: Curtis Stone’s DuraPan


This durable, non-stick pans are prefect for anyone who’s not trying to get a full upper-body workout while cooking dinner. Click here to learn more.

Problem: Clean-up is a hassle.
Solution: Lorena Garcia’s 5-Piece Bake and Roast Set with Technolon+


Gone are the days of soaking and scraping (and accidentally scratching) your bakeware and roasting pans. Regardless of what you make in these ceramic pans, you’re guaranteed that none of the oven-baked goodness will be left in the bottom of the pan. Click here to learn more.

Problem: Cooking heats up the entire house.
Solution: Robert Irvine’s 1300-Watt Halogen Oven with Extender


Bake, roast, and steam to perfection — even on a warm day — in this countertop oven. You can steam vegetables, roast a large turkey, and cook just about everything in between without breaking a sweat! Click here to learn more.

Problem: There’s no time to cook tonight.
Solution: Ingrid Hoffmann’s Cocina Meal Kits


Don’t resort to unhealthy take-out options on busy nights; these wholesome and flavorful meal kits are ready in about 30 minutes and don’t require you to add many ingredients. Click here to learn more.

Problem: I don’t have a good recipe for that.
Solution: Eduardo Garcia’s Montana Mex Seasoning Salt Trio


This trio of seasoning salts takes the guesswork out of cooking a delicious meal. Shake one, two, or all three of these salts onto everything from meat to vegetables for some seriously amazing flavor. Added bonus? There’s nothing in these all-natural seasoning salts that isn’t listed on the package — no hidden chemicals, dyes, or fillers. Click here to learn more.

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.

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