Blogger Spotlight: Simple, Sweet & Savory

Blogger Spotlight: Simple, Sweet & Savory

On her food blog, Simple, Sweet and Savory, Erin Procter Proctor savors every day in the most delicious way

Erin Proctor, an ‘80s-loving Utahan and full-time working mom of two, combines her two passions, writing and creating recipes for her family, on her super sweet food blog, Simple, Sweet & Savory.

Her main mission is to lend a hand to busy parents (just like her!) and provide her readers with recipes for easy, no-stress, tasty meals for their families. We were able to chat with Proctor to find out more about her and her blog; check it out below:

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The Daily Meal: What are some foods you can’t live without?

Erin Proctor: White rice. I love Asian-inspired meals. I also love meat. I gotta have my steak every once in a while, but it better be medium-rare!  No place for a well-done steak at my house!

 Are there any foods you can’t stand?

I can’t do fish. I like shellfish, but I just can’t do regular fish. It just has too much of a fishy taste. Bleh!

What is your proudest post?

My most pinned recipe is my Chicken Voila Copycat recipe, and I’m super proud of it. When I was first married, we made Chicken Voila a lot because it’s easy and really yummy as far as frozen meals go. So I decided to create a copycat version, and it’s pretty dang delicious!

What is your biggest blog blunder?

I started a program called Savor 180, where I promised to provide a tip to help my readers savor each day for 180 days. Unfortunately, I got into it and then about halfway through, I lost the notebook that had all my 180 tips. Just goes to show how much smarter it is to keep everything saved digitally, like in Google Docs.

Do you have a memorable comment from a reader?

One reader commented that one of my Asian recipes was Western, meaning it wasn’t real Asian. What’s funny is it didn’t offend me. (After all, I’ve never claimed to be an expert in authentic Asian cooking.) It actually made me proud because it was my first negative comment. To me, it meant my blog was growing. All the big bloggers say that getting negative comments is just part of having a blog, and to me, it was a sign my blog was going somewhere.

What’s on your cooking playlist?

My playlist is ‘80s, ‘80s, and sometimes ‘80s. It was the best decade for music EVER, and I’m pretty much obsessed. I even have a little poster at my desk at work that says, “Back to the ‘80s.”


What are some other blogs you love?

Oh man, I have a long list. Mel’s Kitchen Café, Brown Eyed Baker, Damn Delicious, Pinch of Yum, Six Sisters’ Stuff, The Café Sucre Farine, What Jessica Baked Next, Gimme Some Oven, Crème de la Crumb… The list goes on and on. So many talented people out there!

What are some food apps you love?

BigOven, Yummly, Epicurious, and Food Network are all awesome.

What is the best thing about blogging?

It forces me to create new recipes regularly, so we never get into the “same ol’, same ol’” rut. Plus, I get to write, which I love! I also love getting to know people from all over the world by networking with other bloggers and readers.

And the worst thing?

I’ll admit that keeping up a blog with a full-time job is hard. I wish I had more time to commit to my blog, but I love that I have a fun hobby outside of work.

Is there a recipe you’re currently obsessed with?

I will always and forever be obsessed with my Lemon Roasted Chicken With Artichokes, Fennel, and Potatoes. It’s a pretty easy and so incredibly delicious one-pan meal. My life wouldn’t be the same without it — it’s that good.

What would even your most loyal followers be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t love to bake. But it’s a necessary evil if I want warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies.

What are five of your all-time favorite posts?

Grilled Corn Salsa

Lemon Roasted Chicken With Artichokes, Fennel, and Potatoes

Chicken Voila Copycat

Chili’s Copycat White Spinach Queso

Grilled Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies

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