Blogger Spotlight: Restless Chipotle

This week, we're proud to feature Marye Audet of Restless Chipotle in the Blogger Spotlight. For those new to the column, every Friday, we highlight a member of The Daily Meal's Culinary Content Network, a limited group of bloggers who write about food and drink.

We look to this group of talented food writers for inspiration and participation in The Daily Meal, whether for restaurant recommendations or new recipes to try out for dinner. Our editorial team covers All Things Food and Drink, and we tap the CCN to keep up to speed on what is happening around the country and the world — from fine dining to home cooking.

In addition to blogging at and creating Restless Chipotle, Marye Audet is a professional woman and mom, who maintains two food blogs and a YouTube channel, while also raising and homeschooling her large family.

Audet first started blogging about food to share with her children easy recipes and simple how-tos. From there, the Restless Chipotle brand was born. Her comfort food recipes with plenty of Southern charm and influence are much beloved by her loyal readers.

The Daily Meal: What is the mission of your blog?
Marye Audet: To help busy home cooks rediscover just how much fun cooking really is.

How did you get started with your blog?
As my kids began to grow up and move out, it was a way to share home with them while they live miles away.

What are some foods you can't live without?
I can't live without chocolate cake, my mom's chili recipe, and Milky Way bars.

What are some foods you can't stand?
I can't stand offal and fish.

What is your proudest blog post?
My 50 Best Cookie Recipes. When I did this in 2007, no one had done it before, and it went viral making the first page of Digg in 24 hours.

What is your biggest blog blunder?
My biggest blunder was reposting 50 Best Cookie Recipes to a different date and deleting the original. 

What is your most memorable comment from a reader?
The most memorable comment from a reader is below:

"I found you when I decided to learn how to bake bread. I used your bread recipe: 'Honey Buttermilk Bread' and never needed another one because the instructions were there step by step for all the details – no secrets-and it worked. I have NEVER run across a better place to teach me bread making and so I also bought 'Bread Bootcamp' because I trust your recipes so much. My husband is SO happy with me for learning to bake bread successfully, thanks to you."

What's on your cooking playlist?
Are you kidding? With a big family, if the house is quiet enough to hear music, no one is here.

What are some food blogs you love?
All Day I Dream About Food, Beyond Frosting, Through Her Looking Glass, Uncle Jerry's Kitchen — so many that it's really hard to choose.

What are some food apps you like?
Yelp because you can find a place to eat no matter where you are!

What is the best thing about blogging?
Building relationships with my readers and being able to work at home.

What is the worst thing about blogging?
Critical comments and trolls. Plus... when you work at home no one really thinks it's a "real" job, so surely you're available for everything from babysitting to running errands.

What recipe are you currently obsessed with?
Currently I'm obsessed with Hatch chile anything.

What would even your most loyal followers be surprised to learn about you?
I am painfully, terribly, horribly shy. I used to throw up before I had to meet people for the first time. I no longer throw up, but I sometimes feel like it. I usually say stupid things because I'm so nervous.

Five of your all-time favorite posts?