Best Winter Soup Recipe

One soup recipe to satisfy all of your comfort food needs throughout the winter
Best Winter Soup Recipe
Erin Scott

An easy soup recipe to warm you up on even the coldest days.

There’s something about soup during the winter that’s just so… right. It’s warm and cozy, and helps warm you up from the inside-out.

Winter Minestrone
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Winter soups have a few things in common that make them truly fantastic:

Flavor Base. All delicious soups start out with aromatic vegetables. Sauté flavorful vegetables like onions, garlic, celery, leeks, and carrots. After you add in the stock, these simmer down to create a huge amount of flavor.
Garlic, Onions, and Celery
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Protein. Whether you’re in the mood for stew meat, chicken breast, or chickpeas, add some protein to the soup; it’ll keep you full for longer and help satisfy all of your comfort food-cravings.
Beef Stew
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Liquid. You can use homemade stock for soup, but store-bought stock works just the same.
Chicken Stock
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Vegetables. This is a case of the more, the merrier; add whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. Just make sure to chop everything to about the same size (bite-size is what you’re aiming for) to keep cooking time equal.
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Cozy Winter Soup with Fennel Sausage, Leeks, White Beans, and Rapini. It’s everything you’ve been hoping for in a winter soup.
Winter Soup with Fennel Sausage, Leeks, White Beans, and Rapini
(Credit: Erin Scott)

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