Best Ways to Have Eggs for Dinner Slideshow

Skillet Baked Eggs

Keep things simple with this effortless recipe for delicious skillet-baked eggs. Serve with big hunks of bread for a satisfying family dinner. Make skillet baked eggs.

Potato Cup Fritters

These adorable potato cup frittatas are surprisingly simple to make, and are sure to make dinnertime totally fun! Make potato cup frittatas.

Sunrise Breakfast Casseroles

Sure, it says "breakfast" in the title, but there's no reason this savory casserole with sausage, onion, and plenty of Cheddar wouldn't make a splendid dinner. Make sunrise breakfast casserole.

Garlicky Sautéed Greens with Eggs

To make this dinner-worthy, consider adding a quick-cooking grain to the mix, such as bulgar or couscous. Make garlicky greens with eggs.