The Best Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Honey-Glazed Turkey

With a touch of sweetness from the honey, orange juice, and grated orange zest, plus the warm aroma of sage, this roasted turkey is sure to become a Thanksgiving favorite. Best of all, it only takes 30 minutes to prep. Click here for the recipe.

Maple-Brined Turkey

This turkey has a perfect balance of sweetness from the maple syrup and heat from the chile flakes and chopped ginger. Brining a turkey takes a bit of advance planning (be sure to get your turkey into the brine at least two days before you want to roast it), but it's well worth the extra effort. Click here for the recipe.

Orange-Glazed Turkey

This delicious roast turkey is stuffed with pears and aromatic vegetables like celery and onion and glazed with a reduction of orange marmalade, orange juice, and honey, making it flavorful throughout. It should come as no surprise that our online community has given this recipe a rating of five out of five stars! Click here for the recipe.

Golden Cider-Roasted Turkey

As this turkey roasts to a rich golden brown, it fills the kitchen with the enticing aroma of apples and leeks, which roast along with it. The cider used to baste the bird adds a fresh and fruity accent. This recipe is great for leftovers; try it in a sandwich made with whole-wheat bread, lots of Dijon mustard, farmhouse Cheddar, and a good dollop of cranberry chutney or sauce. Click here for the recipe.

Succulent Smoked Turkey

If you have a smoker at home, try using it to add lots of delicious flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey. This recipe calls for applewood chips, but you can use a different type of wood if you prefer a different flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Garlic-Smoked Turkey

The great thing about this smoked turkey is that you don't have to have a home-smoker to cook it; you can achieve the same flavor using a large outdoor grill and aluminum coffee cans (or aluminum foil) filled with wood chips. This recipe also gets bonus points for being brined first; submerging the turkey in brine helps make it flavorful and juicy. Click here for the recipe.

Herb-Roasted Turkey

This delicious herb-rubbed roast turkey is perfect for Thanksgiving because it cooks in a roasting pan on the grill; that saves you space in the oven for the other dishes that you need to cook. Click here for the recipe.

Deep-Fried Turkey

What's the quickest way to cook a juicy turkey with crispy, golden skin? Deep-fry it. Just be sure to read your recipe thoroughly and take proper safety precautions; deep-fried turkey accidents are serious and cause several injuries each year. Click here for the recipe.

Benny Sauce Marinated Turkey

This fresh and flavorful marinade perfectly balances the flavors of citrus, salt, and aromatic herbs. It even gets a dash of hot sauce. It's guaranteed to produce juicy and flavorful turkey. Click here for the recipe.

Yogurt-Glazed Roast Turkey

This recipe calls for plain, non-fat Greek yogurt; the yogurt-based glaze makes the perfect basting liquid and gives a sweet, tangy flavor to the turkey's skin. Click here for the recipe.

Roasted Dijon and Apple-Glazed Turkey

You can't go wrong with this easy-to-follow recipe. It's easy to make and delicious; you'll rely on this recipe year after year. Click here for the recipe.

Roast Turkey with Spice Rub

This simple technique is an easy way to spice up a Thanksgiving turkey. Simply blend dried spices with sugar and salt and then rub them onto an oil-brushed turkey; you'll be amazed by the results. Click here for the recipe.

Beer-Can Turkey

Beer-can turkey done right comes out smoky, succulent, tender, and, mind-blowingly delicious. It will easily take center stage at Thanksgiving dinner, but you'll want to make this amazing turkey year-round. Click here for the recipe.

Red Bull-Brined Turkey

Tired of turkey making you, well, tired? We've got a creative solution for you: try brining it in Red Bull. The energy drink adds additional sweetness to this "non-drowsy" cider-brined turkey recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Savory Grilled Turkey

Steak sauce isn't just for red meat; try it here in this creative grilled turkey recipe. Even though it only uses six ingredients (plus salt and pepper), this turkey is big on bold, smoky flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Cider-Marinated Turkey

This classic roast turkey earns the #10 spot in our Thanksgiving turkey recipe countdown for its use of traditional flavors like cider, orange, and allspice, and its ease of preparation; you only need 20 minutes to get this turkey ready for roasting. Click here for the recipe.

Barbecue Spice-Rubbed Turkey Breast

Cooking for a small group of people this Thanksgiving? No need to roast an entire turkey; try this split, spice-rubbed turkey breast instead. Smoky cumin and chili powder give the spice rub a unique flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Tangerine-Glazed Turkey

The technique of drenching cheesecloth in melted butter and oil and then draping it over the turkey before roasting is said to give the bird a beautiful golden-brown skin and juicy, moist breast meat. This recipe perfects the technique by adding a bit of tangerine juice to the butter for extra sweetness and flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Balsamic-Roasted Turkey with Apple Stuffing

One of the amazing things about balsamic vinegar is that cooking intensifies its naturally sweet and tangy flavor. If you use a good-quality balsamic vinegar that's aged in wooden barrels you'll get an incredible amount of flavor from this simple five-ingredient turkey recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Southwestern Rubbed Turkey

Smoked paprika is the key to this deeply flavorful roast turkey. The recipe also calls for a special roasting technique; place the bird breast-side down in the roasting pan for the first half of the cooking time to help keep the breast meat moist and flavorful. Click here for the recipe.

Sweet-Tea-Brined Turkey

Tea contains tannins, which are natural tenderizers. Try placing your turkey in a tea-infused brine overnight for a truly juicy and flavorful roast. After you brine the turkey, dry it thoroughly and roast it as normal. Click here for the recipe.

Grilled Apple-Brined Turkey

This turkey requires a bit of advance planning (it has to be brined for at least a day and a half) but you won't mind once you carve the sweet and juicy cider-infused bird. This turkey recipe is number four in our countdown and sure to become your new go-to Thanksgiving turkey recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Basic Brined Turkey

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best. Plus, a simple salt solution can make the difference between a great turkey and one that's merely good. If you're not sure, try this recipe; you'll won't bother with fussy, overly complicated techniques after trying this basic brining method. Click here for the recipe.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Everything is better with bacon — including the Thanksgiving turkey. This recipe pairs an olive oil and seasoning paste (rubbed under the turkey's skin) with the salty, smoky bacon for even more flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Bay and Lemon Brined Turkey

This classic roast turkey earns the title of "best way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey" for its well-balanced aromatic flavors, ease of preparation, and commitment to holiday tradition. The turkey is brined overnight in just a handful of ingredients for maximum flavor and juiciness and then roasted until the skin is golden brown and delicious. What could be easier (or more delicious) than that? Click here for the recipe.