Best Store-Bought Stuffing Taste Test (Slideshow)

Betty Crocker Homestyle Stuffing Turkey Flavored Mix

Betty Crocker came in 10th on our list. Many said that this mix had too many herbs and the rosemary flavor was overwhelming. Also, this mix seemed to be a bit dry and needed more moisture. 


Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Stuffing

This brand came in ninth on our list, as it was a bit bland and lacked in flavor. It was also described as being slightly mushy and had an off-putting odor.  


Trader Joe's Cornbread Stuffing Mix

This brand came in eighth on our list and was the only cornbread stuffing mix. The appearance was not liked by many — it was mushy and had a congealed, gummy texture. Despite the yellowish appearance, though, some liked the taste and thought it had good seasoning, while others argued that it had too much chicken flavor and was overly moist.


Arnold Premium Stuffing Seasoned

Coming in at seventh place, this brand seemed to resemble croutons more than stuffing and needed more seasoning and flavor. The taste was a bit dry and could use more moisture.


Manischewitz Homestyle Stuffing Stove Top Mix

This brand came in at sixth place. The appearance was not the best. Some said it looked like oatmeal or risotto. It was a bit mushy and bland and could use a bit more seasoning. Some people, however, liked the taste, mentioning that it seemed healthier than standard stuffing mixes. 


365 Organic Stuffing Mix with Chicken Flavor

This Whole Foods Market Brand came in fifth on our list. It was described as being bland and could have used more salt. It was also a bit lighter in color, and reminded one person of Wonderbread. It was also a bit dry and could have used some more moisture.


Bell's Traditional Stuffing

This brand came in fourth on our list. It was not the most visually appealing stuffing mix, as it had a slight green color and was mushy. But it was very flavorful and had a good amount of herb seasoning and salt, although some argued that it was overly salty.  


Great Value Chicken-Flavored Stuffing Mix

Walmart's brand came in third on our list. Many people enjoyed the texture and taste. It resembled a traditional stuffing and was seasoned very well — but some argued that it had a bit too much salt and herb flavoring. 


Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix for Turkey with Real Turkey Broth

Stove Top came in second on our list. This reminded everyone of traditional stuffing and looked the most like homemade stuffing. It had good flavor, but some argued that it was too salty and was too moist. Overall, it looked better than it tasted.


Arrowhead Mills Organic Savory Herb Stuffing

This brand is the winner of our taste test, coming in at number one! This stuffing mix was thick, hearty, and had a nice golden color. It was moist and seasoned well with good chicken flavor, without being too salty or herbaceous.