The Best Hot Chocolate In New York City

Cold weather is the perfect excuse to indulge in a delicious, sweet, and comforting mug of hot chocolate. Although sitting at home in flannel pajamas, curled on the sofa watching a great movie, with hot chocolate steaming gently in a nearby mug is a feeling that can rarely be beaten on a cold winter day, sometimes it pays to get out and about. Bundling up in a wooly sweater, wind-proof parka, scarf, hat and several pairs of socks (on those bitterly chilly days) can however be well worth the effort if you know where to go.

In New York City, the wider avenues often are transformed into wind tunnels that buffet pedestrians (which is most of the city's residents) from one place to another. On the coldest days, when the wind is at its strongest, taking refuge in a warm restaurant, sheltered from the weather, with a cup of hot chocolate is a wonderful way to pass the time. Check out some of our favorite hot chocolate destinations below!

Dominique Ansel (189 Spring St.) — Blossoming Hot Chocolate, $7
This hot chocolate from famed pastry chef Dominique Ansel features an incredible blooming marshmallow topper that is beautiful as well as delicious!

L.A. Burdick (156 Prince St.) — Spicy Dark Hot Chocolate, $5.50/$6.75
Known for their handmade chocolates and their signature chocolate mice (they're seriously so cute), Burdick also makes an insanely delicious spicy dark hot chocolate, made with their very own chile pepper blend and dark chocolate shavings.

The Nomad Bar (10 W. 28th St.) — Boozy Hot Chocolate, $17
This decadent drink gets its kick from Fernet Branca, Green Chartreuse, salted hot chocolate, and a dainty dollop of perfectly whipped cream.

Daily Provisions (103 E. 19th St.) — Peppermint 'Mallow Hot Chocolate, $7
The hot chocolate at this Gramercy Park cafe is full of festive flavors, with whipped cream and homemade peppermint 'mallows that are covered in glorious bright red peppermint sprinkles — delish!

La Pecora Bianca (1133 Broadway & 950 2nd Ave.) — Nutella Hot Chocolate, $5
This bright and cheery Italian eatery relies on the world famous hazelnut spread for their comforting hot chocolate. A generous dollop of Nutella, a spoonful of house-made chocolate sauce, and a splash of milk are all that go into this rich and comforting beverage.

The City Bakery (3 W. 18th St.) —Classic Hot Chocolate, $5 plus $2 for the marshmallow
The classic hot chocolate from The City Bakery comes with a delightful twist: Rather than mini-marshmallows, it comes with a single oversized marshmallow that will surely satisfy any sweet cravings you might have.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate (43 W. 42nd St.) —Decadent Hot Chocolate, $6/$6.75
The hot chocolate at this hidden gem near Bryant Park gets its decadence from not one but two kinds of chocolate (70 percent cocoa and 80 percent cocoa) as well as milk and glucose. Enjoy this extra-chocolatey drink with one of Kreuther's hand-crafted chocolates for an afternoon of indulgence

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the Big Apple on a blustery day and need to take refuge in a cozy cafe, check out one of these delicious, signature hot chocolates — just one of the many reasons you should visit New York City this Christmas season!