Back-to-School Made Easy With Shortbread

Sweet treats to help you be prepared for whatever the school year brings

Tired of showing up to that bake sale with the fourth plate of brownies?

For many parents, back-to-school means back to homework, after-school activities and classroom duties. Translation: more to do and less time to do it in. This year, Walkers Shortbread is here to help, providing the perfect treat for all your school-year necessities. Whether you are in need of a special lunchbox treat or a quick dessert for the bake sale you totally forgot about until the night before, you’ll be prepared for whatever the school year brings.

Walkers Shortbread

If you want to see A+ grades from your kids, fuel them with an A+ lunch. Rather than packing snacks with high fructose corn syrup and questionable ingredients, opt for a delicious all-natural snack pack alongside a nutritious sandwich and say goodbye to lunchbox trades in the cafeteria. Better yet, give your animal crackers an upgrade with these fun animal shapes shortbread.

Mama Harris Kitchen

Noticing that portions in grocery stores seem a lot bigger than the tiny tummies you’re serving? Rather than giving the kids massive cookies, simply take some homemade icing or peanut butter and sandwich in between two Mini Shortbread Rounds for a delicious after school treat or playdate activity.

Crazy for Crust

Made with kid-friendly favorites like peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and delicious Chocolate Scottie Dogs, this dip is a must-have for the school week. Not only is it adorable, but it can be made ahead of time—so whatever comes your way, you and your Scottie Dogs will one step ahead.

This Vivacious Life

Tired of showing up to that bake sale with the fourth plate of brownies? Opt for something unique that doesn’t require slaving over the stove at 11pm the night before. Simply take a healthy amount of peanut butter, sandwich between two Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies, dip in melted almond bark and top with festive sprinkles. No oven or lost sleep required.