Athenos Recipe Round-Up: 50 Fabulous Feta Recipes

Although it's best known as a traditional Greek salad topper, feta is a bright and tangy addition to endless possible meals, sides, and snacks.

3 Fabulous Feta Breakfast Recipes
14 Fabulous Feta Lunch Recipes
15 Fabulous Feta Dinner Recipes
9 Fabulous Feta Side Recipes
9 Fabulous Feta Dips & Spreads Recipes

A brined and pickled cheese, feta brings a savory, tangy flavor to whatever you want. It can balance out sweet fruit salads, liven up pasta sauce, and lighten up heavy lamb dishes. If the flavor of feta is a little too intense for you, try gently rinsing a whole block of feta, which will remove some of the briny flavor.

Feta is often used in Mediterranean-style dishes because it pairs so well with regional flavors like Greek olives, lamb, eggplant, and dill. Along with the classics, feta makes for a deliciously surprising flavor pairing with many foods. Try a feta and watermelon salad drizzled with honey for a light dessert. Whip up a quick Greek-style pesto using spinach leaves, feta, walnut, and a drizzle of some Greek olive oil to bring it all together. Add feta to omelettes and scrambled eggs — the cheese melts only slightly and adds a savory flavor to breakfast.

Although it's generally relegated to Greek food, feta can be used as a substitute for several types of fresh or brined cheese. Similar to feta in many ways, Halloumi is another brined Greek cheese that has a high melting point, and feta makes for a good substitute. Sub out fresh goat cheese for crumbled feta — both achieve a delicious tangy flavor, but feta appeals to people who don't like the grassy flavor of goat cheese. Queso fresco is a mild fresh Mexican cheese that can be hard to find; use feta as a substitute on tacos and other Latin dishes that call for the cheese.

Step outside the Greek salad and use feta to brighten up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snack time!