Applesauce: Not Just Your Baby's Sauce (Slideshow)

Get Sauced

You can easily transform junior's snack into a delicious adult beverage with the addition of cake flavored vodka and rum to the applesauce! 

Click here for a recipe for Applesauce Cake Martini

Get Baked

Applesauce is a great stand-in for oils and fats for your baking needs. It'll reduce the calorie count of your baked good while lending to perfectly moist cakes and muffins. 

Click on the link for a chocolate applesauce cake recipe

Pop It When It's Hot

A refreshing snack for hotter months, applesauce popsicles are easy to make and delicious. Place applesauce in molds and you and your ice pops are set!

Click on Applesauce Ice Pop for the recipe. 

Get Medicated

Had one too many martinis? Want to sooth your stomach? Applesauce to the rescue! The pectin found in apples is a natural remedy to an upset stomach and applesauce in particular does wonders for diarrhea.  

Get Sauced Again

Pork roasts usually gets paired with applesauce but chicken and ribs want in on the action. 

Click here for a barbecue sauce that'll make you star at your next barbecue. 

Mix It

Unsweetened applesauce is a great addition to a smoothie to help keep you healthy and satiated. 

Click on the link for Caramel Apple Smoothie recipe. 

Go Salsa

Want to stick to pork and applesauce? No judgement here! Consider this spin: make a pulled pork for tostadas and serve alongside applesauce salsa. 

Clink on the link for Applesauce Salsa

Layer It

Applesauce makes for a delicious layer in a parfait.

Click here to get a Apple Parfait recipe. 

Get Cheesy

That's right, applesauce grows up as it makes a cameo at your next cheese and wine party. Apples on a cheese plate are not uncommon. Serve sharp or tangy cheese with a dollop of applesauce to put a new spin on an old pairing. 

Top It Off

Applesauce works as a diverse topping for many dishes, from oatmeal to pork. Cupcakes can be topped with lightly sweetened applesauce in lieu of frosting. Waffles and pancakes can be sauced instead of slathered in syrup for a healthier option.