1. Ketchup from America's Favorite Homemade Sauces... with a Twist Slideshow

America's Favorite Homemade Sauces... with a Twist Slideshow

Robert Rabine
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1. Ketchup

Ah, good old ketchup — or is that "catsup"? Perhaps, written on some old vintage bottle somewhere, you've even glimpsed "catchup." Follow the etymology of the word and things get more interesting than you think. Though thought of as quintessentially American, this sauce has traveled quite a journey to reach our shores — originally "ke-tsiap" (Amoy Chinese), on to "kechap" (Malay), and finally "ketjap" (Dutch) before making the leap into the English lexicon. And this sauce wasn't always a simple concoction of tomatoes, vinegar, and proprietary seasonings (chemicals?)... early versions apparently included mushrooms, onions, lemons, and anchovies (!).

All very fascinating, to be sure, but there's probably one question burning on everyone's minds that is far more important — how the heck to get the mighty stuff out of the bottle. Well, we're here to help. It is said that holding the infamous glass bottle parallel to the table and giving an authoritative whack to the part that reads "57" does the trick. Does it really work? Find out for yourself.

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