8 Genius Ways to Store Canned Goods Slideshow

Use Closet Wire Shelving

Closet wire shelving is a great way to store canned food visibly.
See how to convert your canned storage using wire shelves over at Family Handyman.

Use a Simple Tension Rod

A small tension rod stores spices in the typically unusable space in your spice cabinet. You can pick one up at most large stores that carry window-treatment hardware.
Family Handyman shows how to increase your storage space.

Use a Magazine Rack

A standard magazine rack on its side is a genius way to store cans.
Learn more about this storage method over at PB&J Stories plus other pantry storage tricks.

Convert a Soda Box

Decorate a soda box to rotate and hold your canned goods in one place!
Then She Made It
shows the process for converting your soda boxes into practical, attractive storage.

Use Drawers and Top Labeling

What a great idea to store spices in a drawer but add the names to the lids so you can identify them easily!
See more about this storage idea at Frugal Decor Mom. 

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