8 Foodies From Around The World

Meet eight food-loving chefs, restauranteurs, writers, and food enthusiasts from all over the globe

Lucas Mignorelli, private chef and cooking instructor from Vicenza, Italy

When it comes to the love of food, there are no international borders or territorial restrictions. Great cuisines travel effortlessly around the globe, letting us discover new cultures and gain a better understanding of one another through flavors, colors, and aromas. So whether you’re slicing a chili in Sydney or baking baguettes in Moscow, enjoy one of life’s great pleasures and share generously — as these international Houzzers did with their kitchens and recipes.

In this article, you'll meet eight foodies from around the world, from Russia to Sweden; Australia to Italy. Find out where they shop, where they love to eat, and all about their kitchens, love of cooking, and of course, their love of eating!

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Vietnamese Family Favorites in Australia 

Cook: Nahji Chu 

Location: Sydney, Australia 

Occupation: Chef, restaurateur, and businesswoman behind the popular Vietnamese eateries Misschu 

How she became a foodie: Growing up in Laos and being of Vietnamese descent means being born into a culture of food. My mother and grandmother taught me everything I know about Vietnamese cooking and encouraged me to grow herbs and veggies from the age of five. By the time I was nine and had arrived in Australia, we were growing everything we needed in the backyard of a tiny terraced house in Richmond, Melbourne. 

Her kitchen: It’s a bright and open space with all the original fixtures still intact. I love the sheer size of it — it’s really rare to find something like this in Sydney. The layout is so good. I can move around, grab things easily, and entertain in here. I grew up knowing that the kitchen is where the party’s at; everything happens in the kitchen. 

Where she shops: Thainatown in Haymarket, Sydney. Vietnamese food culture is all about shopping for fresh ingredients daily. That’s why there’s a Chinatown and Asian fresh markets all over the world — it’s because Asians are into nutrition, not dieting. We are about longevity and healthy vitality. 

Her cooking style: At home, the simplest and fastest meals are what I like to cook. I’m actually also a trained Italian chef, so pasta and osso buco are also part of my repertoire. I even eat two-minute noodles, but I use the Asian variety (Wei Wei brand) and I add one cracked egg, a handful of bean shoots and some choy sum and fresh chili. I take it off the stove after two minutes and squeeze a quarter of a lemon over it to serve. 


Favorite restaurant: When in Sydney, it has to be Rockpool.