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The Hungry Goddess — Lemon Bundt Cake Recipe

The Hungry Goddess, food for the ravenous soul, is a blog by Kimberly Moore, a "foodie, cook, food writer, and recipe creator," who is always hungry, and always sharing. Here, she shares a recipe for lemon Bundt cake, born out of a research and recipe project with fruits and produce from Chile.

Girl in the Little Red Kitchen — Mixed Berry Basil Lemonade

Girl in the Little Red Kitchen uses her blog to share recipes, culinary adventures, and food and drink events in New York City. She learned how to cook from watching her favorites, has fond memories of watching Good Eats and Cooking Live late at night, and currently cooks in her 80-square-foot kitchen. For this recipe, you can use whatever fresh fruit you have available, but her choices of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries look extra delicious.

Feed Your Soul — Sriracha Sauce

Feed Your Soul is a real estate professional by day who has a passion for life, which manifests itself through cooking. There is nothing he enjoys more than being in the kitchen, listening to music, and creating tasty meals for family and friends. In this post, Feed Your Soul tugs at our heart strings, and makes a recipe for Sriracha. If you want to take a look at ours, too, click here.

Food Babbles — Peach Thyme Upside Down Cake

Food Babbles is "a mom of three, life-saver, baker, dessert-maker, amateur photographer, and just a girl with a huge passion for good food." Here, she shares a recipe for peach thyme upside down cake, a unique and fresh summer dessert.

A Stack of Dishes — Not Fried Green Tomatoes

A Stack of Dishes has a world of experience under her belt, including being a successful wedding cake designer and appearing on shows such as Oprah and Food Network. Now retired, she looks forward to spending her days "cooking, creating and photographing the cookbooks that have been in [her] heart for so many years." In this post, A Stack of Dishes shares a recipe for "not fried" green tomatoes — one we can’t wait to put to use.

Delights & Delectables — Peach Green Smoothie

Delights & Delectables aims to share passions of "yummy food, fitness, family, friends, faith, and all that comes in between." In this post, Delights and Delectables is all about smoothies for breakfast in the mornings. This one involves banana, peach, almond milk, spinach, and more.

1840 Farm — Chocolate Mocha Zucchini Cake

1840 Farm "live[s] and write[s] at the intersection of family, food, and farming." Her 170-year-old farmhouse had onions growing in the cabinets and water sprouting from the stone-walled cellar when she and her family moved in, but the stories those farm house walls had to tell kept them locked in, and staying for more. In this post, chocolate, mocha, and zucchini come together in a delectable recipe we can’t wait to whip up.  

Grill Grrrl — Grilled Mahimahi Tacos

Grill Grrrl is an advocate for grilling as a healthy way of eating, and getting more girls to try out their grilling skills. Here, she posts a recipe for grilled mahimahi tacos that look light, refreshing, and full of flavor.