7 Reasons Why Viking's 5-Ply Everyday Pan Makes Home Cooking Easy

This pan is a must-have kitchen tool
7 Reasons Why Viking's 5-Ply Everyday Pan Makes Home Cooking Easy
Steve Mirsky

The Viking 5-Ply pan has a lifetime warranty.

A passion for cooking usually means an acute appreciation for the finest kitchen tools. Just like a carpenter covets the latest nail gun or impact driver, top chefs and weekend kitchen warriors alike value the ergonomic grip of a pot's heat-resistant handles (or its ability to perfectly braise and slow roast). Here are seven reasons that Viking's new 5-ply Everyday Pan is a must-have tool in your kitchen's arsenal:
•       Its 3.4-quart capacity accommodates most of the recipes you'll find in cookbooks.
•       It moves gracefully from the stovetop to the oven or grill. It’s made with 5-Ply professional-grade quality and an aluminum core to maximize heat transfer.
•       Easy lifting stay-cool handles means no worries for having pot holders at the ready
•       Magnetic stainless steel exterior. Translation: Dishwasher-safe surface allows you to say goodbye to scrubbing.
•       It’s handcrafted in the United States, which helps to create jobs here at home.
•       It has a lifetime warranty — the ultimate peace of mind!

Photo courtesy of Steve Mirsky. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored product review.

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