7 Kitchen Gadgets That Might Just Change Your Life

Possibly the greatest kitchen gadget ever invented, the garlic press minces cloves of garlic in one, easy, mess-free motion. If you use a lot of garlic in your cooking, this gadget is a major time- and flavor-saver.

Microplane Spiral Slicer

Whether you're trying to go gluten-free, carb-free , or are simply trying to eat more vegetables, this spiral slicer from Microplane will make cutting carrots, zucchini, cucumber, and squash into long noodle-like ribbons easy. In less than a minute you'll have a bowl full of raw vegetable "noodles" that can replace pasta or be used to make a salad.

Food Huggers Silicone Food Savers

If you always seem to have half of a fruit or vegetable on hand, you're probably tired of trying to fit it in to an airtight container or zipper lock bag to save the unused half. Food Huggers silicone food savers are easy to use and fit a variety of foods from halved lemons to avocados. They can also replace lost tops on glass jars!

Wayfair Apple Slicer

Whether you like to make apple pie or whether you have kids who love to snack on apples, this apple slicer from Wayfair.com is a must-own. It quickly and easily takes the core out of the apple and slices it into pie-perfect (or snack-perfect) slices. It even gives you the option to cut the apple into 8 or 16 slices with a simple twist of the base.

Immersion Blender

From whipping up pancake batter to creamy pumpkin soup, you'll never run out of uses for a handheld immersion blender. Plus, it's much easier to clean that a traditional blender.


Though it may seem strange at first, there are a ton of foods that can be cut with scissors. Whether you're snipping fresh scallions or removing the backbone from a chicken, scissors should be your go-to gadget. Some even come with additional features like a space to crack nuts or shellfish.


Though it takes up a bit of space in your kitchen cupboard, the mandoline will quickly produce evenly sliced and shredded vegetables with very little time and effort. Use it to make potato chips, slice toppings for pizzas, or shred lettuce for tacos.