7 Frozen Shrimp Recipes (Slideshow)

Another delicious favorite of our clients who ask for these year-round! Yeah, they're that awesome... Serve them with our apricot Sriracha dipping sauce.

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Curry Grilled Shrimp Recipe

This are one of the easiest ways to do shrimp. They have just four ingredients, so you can easily serve these for your next party. 

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Barbecue Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Use this recipe for a healthier alternative to meat. It's light and still has that barbecue flavor. 

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Honey-Glazed Shrimp Recipe

To make a sweeter-tasting shrimp, use honey. This recipe is both quick and easy to make for any occasion. 

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Shrimp Kebabs Recipe

This is a great party food and a fun way for your kids to help with dinner. 

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Shrimp Scampi with Wilted Spinach Recipe

A classic dish great for using frozen shrimp. 

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Marcia’s Holiday Shrimp Toasts Recipe

Our clients ask for these every year and our kitchen makes ridiculous amounts of these during the holiday season. The secret's out, and we're sharing our recipe with you. You'll thank us, trust me!

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