5 Reasons You Should Eat More Oats Slideshow

Blueberry-Oat Breakfast Loaf

A muffin in a loaf's body, this recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients but still includes some sweet treats.

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Carrot Cake Oats

A perfect way to add a vegetable to your breakfast, this oat recipe is a great interpretation of the classic dessert.

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Cheesecake Oat Pudding

Just because oats are good for you doesn't mean they can't be a part of dessert. This cheesecake recipe is easy to make and flexible enough to spice up with any topping of your choice.

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Chewy Country Oat Bread

If you're up for the task, this bread recipe is among the easier ones. While a pizza stone is not necessary, it adds that extra bit of crunch to the crust for an utterly irresistible loaf.

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Savory Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a better way than any to start your day and this recipe resolves the problem of preferring savory to sweet.

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