5 Products That Extend Your Produce's Shelf Life Slideshow

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The Sweet Smell of Freshness

The chemicals in these small sachets will help extend the life of your produce. Just stash them anywhere in your fridge and they'll absorb the ethylene gases that cause fruit and vegetables to ripen. Organic and environmentally friendly, the sachets also absorb odors and prevent mold and bacteria.

Get it now: Produce Freshies Life Extending Produce Sachets, $19.95 for 12 at producefreshies.com

Paper Mate

Toss a sheet of FreshPaper in your fridge or on the counter — any place you want to store your produce, really — and the paper's edible, organic ingredients, which inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and the enzymes responsible for over-ripening, will help keep it fresh two to four times longer.

To buy: FreshPaper, $5.95 for a sample pack at fenugreen.com

You Say Tomato

The next time you only use half of a tomato in a sandwich or salad, whip out this handy Tomato Saver to keep it fresh until next time.
Get it now: Evrhiholder Tomato Saver, $9.55 from Amazon.com


Shaped to allow just the right amount of air in, this E.G.G ("Ethylene Gas Guardian") is one you won't want to fry. The oval-shaped container uses elements of chemistry to absorb the gases in your fridge — keeping your produce fresh longer.
Get it now: E.G.G. Starter Pack, $9.95 at ProduceFreshness.com

Flavor In, Vampires Out

Keeping garlic in a ventilated container helps it last longer. The Garlic Saver, shaped to look like a real head of garlic, is easily identifiable and keeps the head of garlic together, even if you use just a clove at a time.

Get it now: Garlic Saver, $7.99 for two at Gourmac.com
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