5 Foods That Are Still Good Past Their Expiration Date

5 Foods that are Still Good Past Their Expiration Date

Don't toss these foods just yet — they may still be good past their expiration date.

Milk- 1 Week After

Yes, I know it freaks some people out when they see that their milk is expired but it is actually still drinkable. Milk, if kept in the fridge, can last up to a week after the date. Obviously if it smells or looks weird don't drink it...just use your best judgment.

Eggs- 3 Weeks After

Often you are forced to buy the whole carton and end up not eating all of the eggs during the time period. The truth is that eggs can last up to 3 weeks after their expiration date. Make that omelette now.

Cheese- 3 Months

No one should ever waste cheese, but sometimes you forget about it and it ends up all the way in the back of your fridge. Cheese can last up to 3 months after the expiration date. Some experts even suggest that if you cut of the moldy part of the cheese the other parts are still good. Again, it's all based on your own opinion.

Bread- 6 Months (if kept in freezer)

Sometimes we can't eat an entire loaf of bread in one week, and by the end of the week there is already mold on it. If kept in the freezer the bread can last up to 6 months, so go ahead and buy that giant 2 loaf bread package from Costco and stick the other half in the freezer.

Juice- 1 year (unopened)

Surprisingly juice can last up to 1 year after the expiration date. Not sure why you would have an unopened juice in your fridge, but if you do find one, it is still good 6 months later. Drink up.