5 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now 2-24-14 (Slideshow)

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Garnish with Lemon — Grilled Gruyere, Cheddar and Olive Tapenade Sandwich

Garnish with Lemon was created by two moms who bonded over “preschools, carpools, and a love of good food.” Their desire to inspire families to eat well and enjoy the cooking and creating process led them to create this blog, and share their recipes with you. In this post, these moms show us how to make a “grown up grilled cheese” with tomatoes, olives, Gruyère and cheddar cheese grilled on multigrain bread.

The Cooking Actress — Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Muffins

The Cooking Actress comes from Italian and German descent and has grown up with a range of food influences. Here, she gives a recipe for muffins that are healthy in a “hearty, filling, makes you feel good about yourself kind of way.”

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts — French Onion Mac N’ Cheese

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts is a blog by a family-oriented Colorado mom with a desire to share her recipes and try new things. In this post, she makes French onion mac n’ cheese with caramelized onions and a little bacon, creating an “over the top, gooey, deliciousness.”

Oatmeal with a Fork — Raw Cinnamon Roll Bars with Tahini Date ‘Caramel’ Drizzle

Oatmeal with a Fork, run by Lauren, “a business graduate with a penchant for all things culinary,” aims to create healthy recipes without compromising taste. In this post, she shares her love for cinnamon and cinnamon rolls with a healthier cinnamon roll bar recipe. 

Mom, What’s for Dinner? — Chicken Mojito Bites

Mom, What’s for Dinner? is a blog by a mother whose daughter suffers from  celiac disease. She shares tips, tricks and gluten-free recipes to cook for someone with celiac disease. Here, she shows us how to make chicken mojito bites, an appetizer that she says is tasty enough to skip the main meal.