30 Must-Have Ingredients Slideshow

From the Pantry: Pasta and Egg Noodles

Pasta is my number one go-to for a quick dinner. We buy lots of varieties to have on hand. For a healthier option, consider whole wheat. Egg noodles are perfect for chicken noodle soup. For a quick version, sauté an onion, carrots, and celery, add some leftover chicken, chicken broth, and noodles.

Soba, Rice, or Buckwheat Noodles

Sauté some meat, add onions, ginger, and your favorite veggies and toss with these versatile noodles. You'll have a well-rounded dinner in no time.

Canned Tomatoes

You can whip up a light tomato sauce in minutes flat. Stockpile this great staple for quick weeknight dinners.

Pine Nuts

Toast some pine nuts, add a handful of Parmesan and herbs, and toss with pasta.

Canned Beans

Cannellini beans are great tossed with pasta, served on toast, or as part of a quick tomato soup.

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