21 Spooky Eats Perfect For Halloween

21 Spooky Eats Perfect for Halloween

With Halloween just a few weeks away, our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers are gearing up for the festive holiday party season.

At The Daily Meal, we are getting into the spirit, too, and so for this week's SWAT (Sharing With A Theme), we asked our food bloggers to share some of their favorite treats for Halloween.

The submissions poured in and our inboxes were teeming with fun recipes and creative ways to transform normal, everyday food and desserts into Halloween-themed super treats and savory eats.

Stay tuned for the ultimate Halloween cookie round-up coming next week, but first, we have savory and sweet snacks that would take any Halloween party — for kids and/or adults — above and beyond. 

Buddha's Hand Citron Feta Yogurt Dip

Cookistry transforms a mild-mannered yogurt dip by decorating it with the spookiest-looking fruit to ever exist: Buddha's hand! For instructions, click here.

Candy Corn Mini Hi Hat Cupcakes

These festive cupcakes are piped with marshmallow frosting then dipped in three different colors of candy melts to make them look like one of Halloween's most iconic treats. Check it out here.

Chewy Crispy Bars With Candy Corn and M&M’s

I Can Cook That writes, "These crispy bars are a great use of leftover Halloween candy, or would be a really awesome treat to give out on Halloween! They are simple to make and can be cut into any size you please." Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Carrot Cupcakes

If you fear death by chocolate (or death by Halloween candy in general, perhaps) sneak a few carrots into your cupcakes for some slight relief. Click here for the recipe.

Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

Add a Halloween twist to your pumpkin pie: Here, A Mind "Full" Mom drew her pumpkin's face with melted dark chocolate on wax paper. Once the chocolate was hardened, she placed it directly onto her pumpkin cheesecake pie. For this recipe, click here.

Chocolate-Covered Halloween Pretzels

Western New Yorker and her son made these unfairly cute Halloween pretzels in the kitchen together. They melted Andes Chocolates to color Frankenstein, white chocolate for the mummies, and butterscotch for the pumpkin pretzels. See her original post here.

Frankenstein Kiwis

How about some spooky fruit to balance out the sugar overload? With the help of her daughter, Two Healthy Kitchens got creative and transformed kiwi into Frankenstein's monster! Also not to be missed: her apple mummies and monsters, as well as her Ghostly Fruit Dip. Read more about these Frankenstein Kiwis here.

Ghoulishly Good Red Moscato Punch

The best part of this punch recipe is how The Weekend Gourmet makes a huge ice cube with a rubber glove and lets it creepily float in the punch bowl. For the recipe, click here.

Graveyard Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Here, "triple chocolate" means a chocolate cupcake filled with decadent chocolate ganache then topped generously with fluffy chocolate frosting. No Spoon Necessary writes, "I give you permission, and encourage you, to kill some of your loved ones with chocolate filled kindness... in the spirit of Halloween." For this recipe, click here.

Graveyard Hershey’s Ready-to-Eat Pudding Cups

"Every year it seems I spread myself a little too thin when it comes to costumes, parties and making yummy treats. So this year I want to go simple and easy," says A Sweet Potato Pie. In this recipe, she takes store-bought pudding cups and decorates them in the best ways. Read more here.  

Monster Marshmallow Crispy Treats

Homemaker's Habitat plans on making these whimsical white-chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies treats for a neighborhood Halloween party. Click here to see her recipe.


Here, hot dogs are wrapped in bacon and shredded cheese, then covered with puff pastry to look like mummies. Serve with a ketchup and mustard spider web dipping sauce. For this recipe, click here.

Mummy Pops

"Bring them to a Harvest or Halloween party and watch them magically disappear!" writes My Sweet Mission. For the recipe, click here.

Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Treat Pumpkins

These adorable Rice Krispies pumpkins are fun to make with friends and family. Here, Savory Experiments enlisted her neighbor to decorate the faces, but she says, "These are a great kid's project giving them creative license to decorate to their heart's content." Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

"Yes, I have slipped into the dark side and (finally) made a pumpkin flavored treat! But these are nothing like your ordinary pumpkin treats. These are ooey, gooey marshmallow combined with lightly salted popcorn for a sweet & salty snack attack!" writes Sweet and Spicy Monkey. For this recipe, click here.

Red Velvet "Vampire Bite" Cupcakes

Two creepy red dots are all it takes to spookify classic red velvet cupcakes. Check them out here.  

“R.I.P. Diet” Cookies and Chocolate Cupcakes With Pumpkin Frosting

"Today's recipe brings the indulgence factor to the next level," says Food N Thought Peddler. Say farewell to your diet with this decadent dessert. Click here for the recipe.

Spiced Apple Cider Mocktails

This wonderful, fall-inspired drink is great to have on hand at parties for those hoping to abstain from or limit their intake of "festive" drinks. Find this recipe here.

Spidey Loaf

"I found a spider in my oven," jokes Cookistry. "Fortunately, it was a loaf of bread." For this recipe, click here.  

Spooky Orange Slush Punch With Orange Sherbet

For this punch, you'll need two types of Fanta soda and orange sherbet. It's easy to make a lot of this drink, and the festive orange color will help everyone get into the Halloween spirit. Click here for the recipe.

Yummy Mummy and Spinach Dip

Chew Nibble Nosh dug out the belly of her bread mummy and filled it with delicious spinach dip. "Once it was all in," she writes, "I laid the belly back on top, I surrounded him with crackers and we were ready to go! Find the recipe here.