17 Ways To Eat S'mores For Every Meal

The warm weather and long nights bring some of the best foods all year.

One of the best parts of summer is the never ending fresh fruits and vegetables that are finally in season instead of from the frozen food aisle. As much as we all love the fresh food in the summer, we can't deny that the best part of summer are the desserts. Popsicles, ice cream, parfaits, and our favorite, s'mores. We scoured the web for the best s'mores recipes out there to get you started on the right foot and to optimize your s'more exposure at this kick off of summer.

1. Paninis

We all know that you can get some kicka** sandwiches at Rebecca's if you're in Boston, but now you can change up your routine savory paninis and indulge in this crunchy sandwich.

2. Dip

This dip removes the mess factor a (little) bit from your classic s'mores. Bonus — this one is super easy to make in your dorm if you don't have a kitchen.

3. Cookies

Don't limit yourself to chocolate chip cookies with this one. You could use peanut butter cookiesmocha chocolate chip cookies, or classic sugar cookies. Really, any cookie works in this case.

4. Krispie Treats

You'll never go back to eating regular Rice Krispie treats after trying this recipe.

5. Cake Mug 

Perfect for when you want a taste of dessert without having to commit to a full cake.

6. French Toast

Dessert for breakfast? Count me in.

7. Truffles

These bite-size truffles makes it too easy to justify more than one.

8. Parfait

Because sometimes one (or two or three) s'mores isn't enough and you just need to eat the marshmallow goodness from the spoon, parfait style.

9. Shots

One of the few shots you will actually enjoy doing. And how many other times can you eat the glass?

10. Latte

No need for coffee with no more 8 ams, so why not indulge first thing in the morning with a s'mores latte?

11. Sub 

Potentially better than your favorite chicken finger sub.

12. Burrito

When your favorite Mexican food meets your favorite dessert, life is good.

13. Milkshake

Why not wash down your s'mores with s'more s'mores? This milkshake is calling your name.

14. Bark 

This s'mores twist on your classic bark recipe is enhanced with graham crackers melted into the chocolate before it is cooled.

15. Spiked S'more Cupcakes

As if cupcakes weren't good enough already, the added booze and s'mores surprise make these a great dessert for any occasion.

16. Pizza

Alternative option: use graham crackers instead of pizza crust to get the full s'more effect for your dessert pizza.

17. Ice Cream 

You might be lucky enough to find this at your local ice cream shop, or make it yourself by starting with chocolate ice cream and simply adding mini marshmallows, crushed up graham crackers, and chocolate chips.


This article was originally published on May 1, 2016 by Monica Zunick and Nicole Lacasse at Northeastern