15 States That Don't Have Trader Joe's (Slideshow)

There are currently 15 states without the popular grocery store


Although Alabama is the twenty-third most populous state in the Untied States, they still don't have a Trader Joe's store. Hopefully the "Heart of Dixie" will be able to get one soon.


Trader Joe's hasn't yet expanded this far North to Alaska. Alaska's economy is based on oil and fishing, but you would think a Trader Joe's would fit right in with all the tourism. 


Like other states in the Southern region of the United States, Arkansas doesn't yet have a Trader Joe's. 


Trader Joe's hasn't hit the topical islands of Hawaii yet. Seems like the luau celebrations will have to do without the Trader Joe's products for the time being. 


Idaho won't have to wait long for a store. Trader Joe's webiste states that they are opening their first store at the end of February 2014. 


Although Trader Joe's has some creole products, they aren't for sale in Lousiana, as of now. 


Similar to the states that it borders like Lousiana, Alabama, and Arkansas, Mississippi doesn't yet have a Trader Joe's.


It's not just the South that Trader Joe's is negelcting. Northern States, like Montana, don't have Trader Joe's yet either. 

North Dakota

Similar to Montana, North Dakota is awaiting a Trader Joe's as well. 


Another Southern state that doesn't yet have a Trader Joe's is Oklahoma. 

South Dakota

Like North Dakota, South Dakota doesn't yet have a Trader Joe's store. 


Although closer to the West Coast where the Trader Joe's are populous, Utah doesn't have a store yet. 


Vermont doesn't yet have it's own Trader Joe's, but luckily there is one close in New Hampshire. 

West Virginia

Another part of the South awaiting a Trader Joe's is West Virginia.


Wyoming is the second least populated state and could be why they don't have a Trader Joe's yet.