15 Irresistible Summer Pie Recipes

Who doesn't love pie — especially when there's all that great summer fruit out there

Summer this year should be spelled: P-I-E. 

What is a better way to enjoy the best of summer produce than to wrap it all up in buttery, flakey, golden-brown pie crust? Summer this year should be spelled: P-I-E.

Making a pie shouldn’t be intimidating, or a science project like baking often is. First things first: pie crust. Whether you prefer to use an all-shortening crust, a shortening-and-butter combo crust, or an all-butter crust, don’t forget to brush your pie dough with an egg wash (an egg lightly whipped with a dash of milk or cream) and lightly sprinkle it with sugar before baking.

15 Irresistible Summer Pie Recipes (Slideshow)

As far as presentation, there are countless ways to decorate the top of a pie. We eat with our eyes first, so take some care crimping the edges, preparing a lattice, or cutting out shapes with a cookie cutter. Lastly, don’t be afraid of cooking that pie so that the crust actually turns a deep golden-brown color; brown is not burnt! The flavor will be better than if you only lightly bake your pie. Promise. [slideshow:1709121]


When making a fruit pie, it is a good idea to taste your fruit before preparing the filling. If the fruit is tart, you’ll know that you will need to incorporate more sugar into the filling. But if your fruit is perfectly sweet, it may need nothing at all, or maybe just a touch of lemon juice or lemon zest for balance.