15 Funniest Food Pranks (Slideshow)

An American Cheese Sandwich

Who can forget the classic scene in Harold Ramis' Caddyshack, when a candy bar was thrown into the pool and caused everyone to panic because, er, well...you know. Or what about in NBC's The Office, when the humble yet jokester Jim played by John Krasinski decided to handicap his coworker's staplers in a block Jell-O?

That's just the beginning of it, though, because there are plenty of food pranks that can bring a smile to our faces. 

There's something about a processed slice of American cheese that just looks so...processed. So fake and shiny that you might not even notice if it still had its wrapper after being placed on a sandwich.

Tabasco in Brownies

Rich, sultry, decadent — there's nothing better than a moist and chocolaty brownie. Too bad, though, that its color and texture also make it the perfect prank platform for adding a few dashes of Tabasco to its surface, planting quite the awful surprise for someone who goes to take a bite. 

Water Balloon Cakes

Oh, you can almost smell the excitement in the air when someone brings a freshly baked cake into the room. Imagine those excited faces, though, when they cut into said cake, and it pops like a balloon right in their face.

Onion Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a favorite fall specialty, and there's nothing better than biting into that rich, chewy crust and getting a juicy burst of tart apple. Can you imagine someone's face, though, if they were to bite into that luscious candy apple, and get a burst of onion, instead?

Candy Bar in the Pool

While it was accidental in the 1980's comedy Caddyshack, a candy bar floating around in a pool can look an awful lot like something else. We don't recommend doing this somewhere public, like in the movie, but in the privacy of your own backyard, it would be pretty funny to see your friends' and family's faces when you take a bite of it.

Chicken Bouillon Cube in the Shower Head

This one will only work on certain shower head models, but if you've got a spare chicken bouillon cube lying around in the pantry, stick it into the shower head next time someone in your family goes to take a shower. The site and smell of their shower water will have them in a whole new world of bewilderment.

Food Coloring in Coffee

Sometimes, delayed surprises can be the best surprises, especially when the person doesn't see it coming. This prank is a simple paint by numbers. What do you get when you mix the colors blue and brown? Green. So what happens to someone who drinks a cup of coffee from a pot that has some blue food dye slipped into it? You do the math.  

The Milk-Creamer-Eye Trick

This prank is a little drawn out, and it'll definitely require some acting skills, but when the punch line hits, it's worth every bit of work. Next time you go out to dinner with some friends, start complaining about your eye early on in the evening. By the time the coffee comes, you should be writhing in pain, so much so that you might take a fork to your eye. Right before you do, though, grab a mini creamer from the coffee ingredients and hide it in your hand, so when you go to stab your eye with the fork, you stab the creamer instead. Your friends' horrified expressions will easily turn to laughs when they realize that what they thought was a terrible case of pink eye, was really just a little bit of creamer. 

Cookie Jar Filled with Dog Treats

People just go nuts over cookies. So nuts, that they're blindsided when offered one right out of the cookie jar. They might not even notice if that jar of cookies is filled with dog treats, instead.

A Mayonnaise-Filled Donut

Just as easy as it is to inject a donut with some icing, it's easy to remove it using a pipette. Then you have the space to inject it with anything you'd like, such as mayonnaise.

Vaseline Jar Caps

There's nothing more frustrating that getting that cap off of that stubborn jar, and this prank will make the frustration even worse. Not even slightly tapping the jar against a hard surface will be able to prevent your fingers from slipping right around the rim of the cap.

Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

An Oreo's icing is thick, spreadable, and most noticeably, bright white. Kind of like white toothpaste after it's been sitting out in the open for a while. Get our drift?

Black Mouth Gum Candy

Don't you just hate it when people take your gum? Have a pack of this gum on hand the next time someone tries to mooch off of you. We promise you they'll regret asking for a piece. 

Salt and Sugar Switch

Some people can't live without salt. Shake, shake, and shake— all day long— until their plate is filled with too much sodium for their body to comprehend. To teach them a little lesson about their poor diet decisions, why not replace the salt with something similar, like sugar? They may regret their seasoning decisions after they do. 

Stapler in Jell-O

Last but not least, who can forget the old putting-your-coworkers-stapler-in-Jell-O prank? It was always a success for Jim on The Office, and we're sure it will be for you, too.