12 Recipes That Will Help You Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows that you have to drink eight glasses of water a day. But how are you supposed to meet that goal when sometimes it's hard to remember to drink even one? In order to help you prevent dehydration, we've rounded up 12 recipes with ingredients that have high water contents. They'll make staying hydrated and healthy a breeze.

Spinach Lasagna

Everyone loves lasagna — how could you not? It's pasta baked to perfection with cheese and other delicious ingredients. What makes this recipe even better is that it's packed with potassium, fiber, and vitamins. There's no going wrong with this recipe — you'll have a delicious meal that is high in water (91.4 percent) and vitamins.

Tomato Tart

On a nice summer day, why not treat yourself to a delicious and robust tomato tart? You will have a delicious meal while satisfying your need for water, because this fruit has a water content of 94.5 percent.  

Cucumber Salad with Dill Recipe

Cucumbers have a water content of 96.7 percent. This summer vegetable is great in salads, or you can even serve it up with a dip. One recipe that we know you'll love is our Cucumber Salad with Dill — the flavors are fresh and bright, and it's sure to keep you hydrated. 

Oven-Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Add raw broccoli to a salad for some crunch or roast it in the oven for a delicious side. Your family will be happy that you kept them hydrated with a food that has a water content level of 90.7 percent, and at least some people consider broccoli one of the tastier vegetables.

Boston Lettuce and Radish Salad with Grilled Fingerling Potatoes

Radishes are a little spicy and a little sweet — they are a great compliment to summer salads. With the vegetable's water content at 95.3 percent, you're guaranteed to feel refreshed and hydrated after adding them to a salad with lettuce and grilled fingerling potatoes.

Easy Mashed Cauliflower

Treat yourself to a vegetable that is high in water, vitamins, and phytonutrients. With this Easy Mashed Cauliflower recipe, you're sure to stay hydrated, because the water content level for cauliflower is 92.1 percent. Even better, according to Health.com, phytonutrients help lower your cholesterol and fight against breast cancer.

Grilled Watermelon and Manouri

Watermelon is a refreshing summer fruit that always quenches your thirst. That's because the water content in this fruit is 91.5 percent! Get your fix with this Grilled Watermelon and Manouri recipe. (Manouri is a fresh Greek white cheese.)

Strawberry Salsa

Strawberries have a water content of 91 percent. They are a refreshing and hydrating fruit that you can eat by itself — or make a quick strawberry salsa to enjoy with some chips.

Cantaloupe-Lime Smoothie Recipe

This melon is juicy and delicious — perfect to enjoy on summer nights. With a cantaloupe and lime smoothie, you're sure to stay hydrated for the rest of the evening. Cantaloupe has a whopping water content of 90.2 percent. 

Cilantro Grapefruit Cucumber Smoothie

Stay hydrated with a morning smoothie — grapefruit's water content is 90.5 percent. This recipe will help you get ready to start the day.

Prawn, Fennel, and Baby Carrot Salad with Chickpea Purée and Orange Blossom Dressing Recipe

Baby carrots can be enjoyed plain or in a fancy recipe like our prawn, fennel, and baby carrot salad. This will impress your guests and keep them hydrated, because carrots are made up of 90.4 percent water.

Pickled Shrimp and Celery

Celery is one of those foods that is very high in water — it has a water content of 95.4 percent. You can always dip your celery in peanut butter, or enjoy it in this recipe for Pickled Shrimp and Celery.