11 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now Slideshow

Evil Shenanigans — Queso Blanco Pull-Apart Bread

Evil Shenanigans mission is to bring you "exceptional recipes that are good for your taste buds but bad for your waistline." Her motto? "Life is short, eat the food you love!" In this post, there are cookbook giveaways and a recipe for some deliciously cheesy bread.

Looky Tasty — St. Patrick’s Day Specials at Miranda Restaurant: March 17

Looky Tasty is a blog dedicated to "keeping you up to date on fun, food-related events happening in New York City and Chicago," and sharing some insider food deals. Here, they discuss some St. Patrick’s Day news, giving the festive plans for Miranda Restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Hungry Goddess — Get Your Guinness… Stew That Is

The Hungry Goddess, food for the ravenous soul, is a blog by Kimberly Moore, a "foodie, cook, food writer, and recipe creator," who is always hungry, and always sharing. In this post, she gives us an excuse to drink more Guinness and put it in our food. She learned this stew recipe in London, and shares it here for your eating pleasure.

Everyday Maven — 20 Healthy Taco Recipes

Everyday Maven grew up in a cooking family and cooks every day. However, like most of us, she doesn’t have all the time in the world, and sticks up a couple of rules to help make the day worth it: 1) It must be delicious, 2) Cannot take hours in planning or preparation, 3) Complexity level low, 4) Healthy and high-quality ingredients, 5) Weight Watchers and Points Plus friendly, 6) Must be done with family. Here, she creates a food fiesta, shelling out some taco recipes for "Taco Tuesday."

Makobi Scribe — Kellogg’s Share Breakfast Initiative

Makobi Scribe’s many voices come from moms and bloggers from different backgrounds. Owner Jennifer Medeios writes about her weight loss journey, recipe creations, travel excursions, and more, not to mention tips and tricks she's learned from being a mom of three boys, from age 19 to age 2. Her counterpart Kelly, also a mother of three, blogs about green tips and trends, as well as a weight loss journey of her own. In addition to these main contributors, guest bloggers add to the range of voices appearing on this site. Here, Medeios talks about Kellogg’s Share Breakfast initiative, a philanthropic move to get breakfast — the most important meal of the day — to kids everywhere.

Boston Restaurant Talk — Former Trader Joe’s President Plans to Open Dorchester Market for People in Need; Bread and Butter to Open in Boston’s North End (with More Apparently on the Way)

Boston Restaurant Talk is "a news-based journal on the Boston restaurant scene," owned by the founder of Boston’s Hidden Restaurants, a website on hidden local dining. In these briefs, news is shared of Trader Joe's initiatives and a bakery/café infiltration of the Boston dining scene.

Cookistry — Mocha-Nana-Smoothie: It’s Lighter Than You Think

Cookistry (Cook, Bake, Boil, and Bubble) is all about creating, experimenting, and playing with food in the kitchen. She believes cooking is a combination of art and science, where one cannot exist without the other.  Here, Cookistry shares a recipe for light iced coffee, with some fruit and blended magic to spice it up.

10th Kitchen — Amaretto Sour

10th Kitchen, by the nickname-less Danguole, has lived in Kaunas, Lithuania, and currently Nevada, and is still searching for the perfect fusion dish and drink. In this post, Danguole takes a look in the liquor cabinet and decided amaretto needs a spotlight. 

Delicious Dishings — "Sinfully Sweet!" Handcrafted Dessert Harvest Review

Delicious Dishings is obsessed with food, in every way possible. After she started her blog as an outlet for talking about food (her friends and family may have helped her in this idea), she now obsesses over sharing recipes, feedback on recipe testing, and more. She is happily settled in her dream job as a copy editor for America's Test Kitchen, editing Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country, and all of the special issues of both magazines, as well as marketing and Web content, and being able to blog and share all of her findings with you. Here, she recounts a trip to Harvest and six dessert courses from pastry chef Brian Mercury, a "Sinfully Sweet" handcrafted dessert review.

The Cupcake Project — How to Temper Chocolate Like a Pro

The Cupcake Project began after an on-a-whim baking cupcake-baking project for a friend’s wedding spun out of control, and the cupcake talent, and obsession, continued to grow. She is now on a quest to master the cupcake and is featuring recipes, ingredients, techniques, and product giveaways along the way. Here, she shares her secrets for tempering chocolate, and lets us in on a little secret: "you’ll be surprised by how easy it is."