Pizza Scissors from 10 Ridiculous Kitchen Tools You Don't Need (Slideshow)

10 Ridiculous Kitchen Tools You Don't Need (Slideshow)

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Pizza Scissors

This tool marries the two relatively simple tasks of slicing a pizza and removing said slices.

BBQ Sauce Brush

When the loathsome task of brushing barbecue sauce and having readied sauce is too much, you can pour the sauce directly into this all-in-one tool

Egg Cuber

Because the natural shape of an egg sometimes not enough, here is a tool that shapes your egg into a perfect cube.

Onion Chopper

There are tools that remove some of the work from even the most rudimentary of kitchen practices. This onion chopper will keep your eyes dry by slicing your onion for you. 

Williams Sonoma

Banana Slicer

Today's world is a busy one...but is it so busy that we need to shave off the 30 seconds that it takes to slice a banana? If the answer is yes, this tool will help you chop your banana into perfect slices. 


PB&J Spatula

There's nothing worse than getting your peanut butter and jelly mixed up on the same spoon. Well, maybe there are a few things that are worse. This two-sided, color-coded spatula eliminates this dilemma once and for all. 

Crate and Barrel

Herb Scissors

These herb scissors have the singular function of cutting fresh herbs for use in the kitchen.

Steak Branding Iron

Have you ever bitten into a delicious steak and thought to yourself, this experience would be significantly improved if my name was branded onto this steak? Well in the event that this thought has crossed your mind, there is now a way to do just that

Corn Peeler

We understand. Peeling the kernels off of corn can be annoying, but in most cases a knife will work just fine.

Snap-on Can Strainer

This ultra-specific kitchen tool snaps on to your canned food items and allows you to strain out the liquid without removing the remaining ingredients from the can. 

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10 Ridiculous Kitchen Tools You Don't Need (Slideshow)