10 Recipes That Show the Diversity of Almonds

From desserts to sides to main dishes, there’s no limit to what almonds can do

String Bean Chicken Stir-Fry With Toasted Almonds / / Simple, Sweet & Savory

Is there any nut more wonderful and versatile than the almond? We’re not sure that there is. Almonds are a lightly sweet nut, so they work in savory main dishes and sides, while their delicate flavor can work in sweet dishes from rich, deep chocolate cakes to coconut toasted treats and milkshakes.

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In addition to their wide-range of culinary uses, almonds are the basis for many alternative food products and flavorings (almond milk, almond butter, almond flour, almond syrup, almond extract), giving them new life as a health food product.

The versatility of the almond was honored earlier this week (Feb. 16) with National Almond Day. To celebrate, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers for their favorite almond recipes. And, in turn, we’re passing on the almond love to you with 10 diverse recipes. From cakes and cookies and snack bars to crunchy chicken dishes to vegan-friendly options, there really is no limit to what you can do with a few almond products and a good idea.