10 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes (Slideshow)

Black Bean Corn Salad Recipe

Emily Jacobs

Spicy and fresh flavors are incorporated into this hearty vegetarian salad. 

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Black Bean Burger Recipe

Emily Jacobs

This is the ultimate vegetarian burger. Hearty black beans are loaded with flavor to deliver a burger that will satisfy the whole family.

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Faux Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Emily Jacobs

For a lighter approach to mashed potatoes, mixing cauliflower and white beans creates delicious faux mashed potatoes.

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Spicy Green Beans Recipe

Emily Jacobs

Spice up your next meal with an Asian flare. Try these quick and easy green beans.

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Indian-Spiced Tomato and Black Bean Soup Recipe

Emily Jacobs

For an easy way to spice up traditional tomato soup, add some warm Indian spices and hearty black beans.

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Curried Lentil Soup Recipe

Emily Jacobs

Add spice and heat to your next lentil soup with warm curry flavors. 

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Soba Noodle Salad Recipe

Emily Jacobs

Buckwheat soba noodles are dressed with miso dressing and tossed with fresh vegetables. 

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Loaded Sweet Potato Recipe

Emily Jacobs

Instead of a loaded baked potato with cheese and bacon, try this fresh and healhty new spin with sweet potatos, greens, and feta. 

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Quinoa with Sweet Potatoes and Kale Recipe

Emily Jacobs

For a quick and easy weeknight meal, this tasty quinoa dish delivers nutritional value while satisfying your hunger. 

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Farro Salad Recipe


For a dish rich in whole grains, try this warm farro salad with tender butternut squash.

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