Condiments With A Soul



Summer cookouts are a blast but if you're hosting, they can be pretty stressful. Many times the main ingredients like hamburgers, side dishes, salads, and libation selection take precedence while the condiments are an afterthought. Usually grabbing what's already in the fridge or making a frantic last minute run to the store defines condiment selection. Never mind that the ketchup is left over from last year or the mustard squeeze bottle contains yellow dye #5. Ingredients are usually more focused on shelf life rather than taste.

This year I challenge you to shake up the routine and try out these new condiments made with natural ingredients in small batches directly inspired by family recipes:

Coleman's Mustard

Coleman's spicy zing is the real deal. A fiery heat similar to horseradish hits your upper respiratory tract when eating food seasoned with this potent blend of brown (Brassica Juncea) and white seeds (Sinapis Alba). Coleman's builds on a longstanding heritage dating back to Roman times when mustard seeds were medicinal treating inflammation, high blood pressure, and asthma. Later, Colman’s Mustard landed in England’s own Royal Palace becoming a favorite of King George I. To this day, Coleman's seeds are locally grown on a network of community farms near Norwich England.

Victoria Amory Ketchups

Victoria Amory's ketchups are the furthest you can get from the supermarket squeeze bottles. First you have their Champagne Ketchup using white distilled Champagne vinegar inspired by the flavors and aromas of the bubbly and elegant Cote d'Azure. Its lighter flavor profile makes it just right for classic burgers and more delicate glazes. Victoria Amory's Sherry Ketchup is decidedly heavier and spicier infused with aged sherry vinegar from Spain's Jerez wine region making it perfect for pork and meats percolating with fattier juices.


As the name implies, Slawsa is a unique mixture of cole slaw and salsa...a cool and crisp cabbage based-relish with a salsa twist. While it contains other vegetables like carrot shreds and bell peppers, the mustard and vinegar are not overwhelming, enabling it to be a topping on a wide variety of foods or as a side dish on its own. Take your pick from Original, Spicy, Garlic and Spicy Garlic.


Photos courtesy of Steve Mirsky. Coverage made possible by participating in sponsored tastings.