Using Food For Cleaning Purposes

With the many cleaning products on the market, it gets pretty confusing to deal with all surfaces with the right type of cleaner. A lot of these also happen to contain hazardous chemicals that are not really necessary when cleaning. Surprisingly for many of us however, food can also be used to clean some surfaces as well as many other cleaners. The most obvious place where they can be used is the kitchen, as it stands it happens to be the area where most people risk bacteria from spreading around, but with the right approach and food items you can make a real difference. A lot of us have heard about the cleaning power of lemon juice, vinegar, salt and other combinations, but there are also other solutions for cleaning you can use with food items. The following examples will explain how and why:

Using a banana peel You can make use of a banana peel to work on polishing your silverware. Just use the peels and blend them with a bit of water and you will have an excellent polishing paste that will work wonders.

Using cucumbers

You can make use of cucumber slices to polish stainless steel pots, your faucet, sink, pans and more. You can make use of it to remove any marks from walls and more, as it will work great to remove a lot of potential problems.

Making use of onions

You should get your grill heated up, using half an onion stuck onto the prongs of a grilling fork to scrub your grates clean. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of using it and what it can do for your grilling cleaning.

Using tea

You can make use of used tea bags to clean up wood surfaces such as floors, cabinets and tables. Some tougher spots will be removed with greater ease, not to mention the tannins in the tea will work great at cleaning and polishing.

Using walnuts

You can use half a walnut to remove any scratches from furniture and wood cabinets. Its natural oils will help remove any scratches. Using it will not take too much effort and it can be done with ease pretty much anytime.

Using rice

Your coffee grinder can be cleaned pretty easily with a single load of rice, not too much of it. Simply run it through the coffee grinder and dump it and you will have it cleaned and perfect in no time.

Using ketchup

Using it to polish copper is the way to go: pans, pots, bowls and more will be scoured clean and spotless due to the natural low acidity of tomatoes used in the ketchup itself. Just squeeze some on and use it to clean it when needed when lacking actual cleaners.

Using stale bread

Making use of stale bread to clean out your spice and coffee grinders can be a great way to solve the issue. Not only will it help remove any potential residues, but it will also help eliminate any leftover smell from both.