LongHorn Steakhouse To Cater To Lefties For Left-Handers Day On Aug. 13

There's a holiday for everything and everyone, but none is more earned than National Left-Handers Day. It's the one day when the leftie community gets a little love and LongHorn Steakhouse is making sure that includes a great dinner.

On Aug. 13th, International Left-Handers Day, dine at three LongHorn steakhouses and you will be asked a very important question: "are you a righty or a lefty?" That's because the brand has created a line of   custom steak knives that meet the needs of left-handed carnivores – including LongHorn president Todd Burrowes.

These knives will be available at three restaurants that boast among the highest numbers of left-handed team members in the company. Participating locations are:

• Des Plaines, Ill. at 1470 East Touhy Ave.

• St. Petersburg, Fla. at 2400 Tyrone Blvd. N.

• Millville, N.J. at 110 Bluebird Lane

Steak knives, like most things in the world,  are typically designed for right-handed guests with the serrated edge angled toward the right side of the knife's blade. When left-handers use this knife, they're forced to cut with their nondominant hand or saw through their steak with the duller edge of their knife. It's slightly painful to watch and totally annoying for the leftie – trust me, I have seen the struggles my steak-loving daughter faces while I happily slice through my meat easily. The serrated edge of  these LongHorn's specially crafted left-handed knives are angled to the left, so Southpaws can cut through their steak with their dominant hand and still get the highest-quality bite. This way, guests will have a top-notch steakhouse experience no matter how they slice it.

LongHorn Steakhouse is known for quality, featuring fresh, never frozen steaks that are boldly seasoned and grilled to perfection by certified Grill Masters. The company operates more than 500 restaurants across 41 states. Tag us and LongHorn Steakhouse in your Left-Handers Day photo!