The Keebler Elves Are Coming To NYC In Honor Of National Fudge Day

There is no such thing as too much fudge. And the public can expect a lot of it at the pop up installation of the Keelber Hollow Tree.

In honor of National Fudge Day on June 16th, the public can get their hands dirty with chocolate while sampling Keebler's latest product, Keebler Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes cookies. It's their first #FullyFudged cookie, just in time to celebrate the holiday.

Along with cookies, guests can explore the internal workings of the Keebler Hollow Tree to see wher eall the magic takes place. There is even talk of a fudge geyser that leads to a real chocolate river! And of course, Ernie will be making an appearance. Other fun stuff to do:

Fudge-It-Yourself: Keebler Whoopsy! Cookie Fudging Station – Never before done, fans will be able to use both Keeblerfudge and a plain Keebler shortbread cookie to create their very own #FullyFudged cookie – just like the elves in the Hollow Tree!

Meet & Greet with Ernie: Show off your fudgy decorating masterpiece during a meet and greet with Ernie himself.

Giant Keebler Cookie Fudge Dunking Station: Featuring a larger-than-life, 2-foot cookie, fans will be able to assist Ernie in fully fudging the cookie by dunking it in a huge pot of delicious fudge.

Keebler Whoopsy! Cookie Painting: Help Ernie and the elves put fudge stripes on some of the jumbo, 2-foot cookies with a giant paintbrush!

Keebler Cookies Tasting Bar: Sample a variety of the delicious treats that Ernie and the elves bake up, including the new Keebler Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes cookie.

Snapchat Fudge Filter and Giant Keebler Whoopsy! Cookies: Celebrate and take photos with an oversized Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes cookie or use the geo-specific filter to fully fudge your Snapchat photos.

Join Ernie and the Keebler Elves at the Hollow Tree pop-up on June 16th at 393 Broadway in New York from 10 A.M. until 6 P.M. Follow the #FullyFudged hashtag on social media and check in with Keebler's Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details on the day!