4 Kitchen Hacks To Save Time And Effort

If you are the one in your family known for love of cooking, chances are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You have every right to be proud to wear the title of 'cooking master' in your family. What should be noted, however, is that often time what seems to be an easy feat is a result of much effort and time spent in preparation and cleaning afterwards.

There are many things you can do to make your life easier in the kitchen. Not just when it comes to cooking, as that is most certainly the activity that takes most of your time, but also kitchen cleaning, which is another demanding and very important task. Read on to learn some very useful hacks, which you may have never considered. Implement them in your daily activities in the kitchen, and you will feel like a master magician!

  • How to de-skin potatoes easily – if you are tired of peeling the skin of potatoes for what seems to be ages at times, especially when you have a lot of them to cook, you can consider giving them a cold water bath after boiling. This is by far the most time-saving method, which will separate the skin from the potato and allow you to proceed with quick peeling. It saves you effort and time not only from the work itself, but also from cleaning service, as it is much cleaner and leads to less of a mess.

  • How to cut small food items in no time – cutting cherry tomatoes one by one is just a disaster waiting to happen. If you don't want to risk an accident with your fingers, you can consider a much easier and quicker way to cut such small products in half. Simply place them between two plates or plastic container lids and cut through with a sharp knife. Thanks to this technique you will never again have to cut such products one by one and you can even save some cleaning effort.

  • How to slice a cake most effectively without making a mess – everyone loves cake, undoubtedly. The number of enthusiasts that are willing to clean the mess that sometimes takes place in the process of slicing are few, however. For this reason you need a more effective way of doing this. One method is to wet the cutting knife with hot water and then use it to slice. This leads to less crumbs and no mess. If you would rather spare yourself the cleaning of a big knife altogether, you can effectively use dental floss to cut pieces of a soft cake and other foods.

  • How to care for your grill – If grilling fish leads to some trouble in the form of cleaning afterwards, you can put some sliced lemon and place the fish on top. This not only prevents the fish from falling apart, but also from sticking. As a bonus it adds a delicious citrus flavour. Once you are done with cooking, use a cut in half onion to sanitise the still heated grill and clean it.

You should definitely try out any of these 4 hacks as they can truly change the way you do things for the better. For more interesting ideas: cleanerscarpetcleaning.co.uk